G/LD-013 The old man of Coniston

Parked at the pay and display car park at the top of the public road to Walna Scar. It was £8 for the day. I used the Ringo app, but it seemed the machines take cash and cards.

Followed a generally easy to find path to the summit. I think this is probably the shortest route. See image below.

Took a few summit photos then set up a short distance down, so I didn’t get in the way.

FT-857, Slim G for 2m, Linked dipole for 40m and 20m.
2m FM (10W), 9 contacts
40m SSB (30W), 31 contacts (1 S2S)
20m SSB (30W-50W), 13 contacts
Then I noticed Kevin MW0KXN on GW/SW-023, so I switched the set back on and got him S2S on 40m.

Nice day, dodged the showers apart from a little bit as I packed up.

Amusingly. @G8ADD Brian said to me “the rain radar looks like it’s all around you, except the south”… I thought I was “for it” :rofl:

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Actually, Gerald, just after you went to 20m the met office site showed lightning strikes north of Skiddaw so I was worried for you for a while, but it faded out.

That first picture is great, it takes me right back, and I was amused to see that you used the same rocks to anchor the mast that I used! Great minds etc!


Oooh! Thank goodness for that. I’ve had a couple of summits lightning experiences, but only 1 with SOTA. Not fun! I didn’t hear any static crashes on the radio.

Good activation, Gerald. Delighted to get you in my SOTA log for the first time - and to bag a few good chasing points as a result. Thanks so much.

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Good to work you yesterday Gerald.


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Thanks for the nice report and for the S2S from G/CE-002. I know it was a slightly marginal contact, so your patience was much appreciated. I remember hearing you and Brian talking about the weather and noted several rain clouds in various directions from my vantage point, but thankfully they didn’t come my way!

73 and catch you again,
Matthew M0JSB

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