G/LD-002 what happened?

Just a thought…Scafell is LD-001, Helvellyn is LD -003, what happened to LD-002?

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It was quickly realised that its prominence was too low.

It was removed as a later, more accurate survey meant that Scafell was no longer classified as a Marilyn.

SOTA uses an external list of summits - Marilyns which avoids any arguments as to which summits are eligible for the program.

73, Colin

Edit - Brian is correct - it was an error rather than a re-survey. In any case Scafell doesn’t qualify as it’s not a Marilyn. Deleted summits remain in the system as historically the points accrued still stand.

Thanks for the information, chaps & sorry if my original title about a faulty database caused alarm.

All is not lost, Scafell does appear in the HEMA list. G/HLD-044 not quite sound as SOTA No 2.

My understanding is that for normal mortals there is 150m plus prominence to get from Scafell Pike to Scafell. For those with super human capabilities or a youthful feeling of immortality you can cross Mickledore and Broad Stand with less than 150m prominence. Some say it is a steep scramble but Wasdale Mountain Rescue have a different version.

In my youth I have taken this route, 40 years later I might think differently.

The choice is up to you.

73 de

Andrew G4VFL

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Contour lines ignore hazards like that :slight_smile:

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I have done it a number of times, once in descent. Yes, it is indeed a steep and stiff scramble, needing good route-finding capabilities, a steady head and a good degree of craftiness in places, and even in my hey-day I would not have attempted it in wet or greasy conditions (in those conditions I have been known to retreat off it!) Its no place for a casual hill walker, but a rock climber would regard it as pretty easy. Best to avoid the temptation and go the long way! :grinning:

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There’s a bit of misinformation above. Scafell was never considered to have 150m prominence. SOTA used the RHB summit list, and Scafell was included in that, not because of a mistaken belief that it had 150m prominence, but as a concession.

When RHB decided to go for 100% objectivity and sensibly removed the concession, SOTA followed suit. It was later in the development of SOTA that we nailed down prominence as the sole arbiter of summit qualification as opposed to external lists.