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G/DC on air

G4CFS/p been busy going around the G/DC group last few days/

Yesterday G/DC-004
Today was on G/DC-006

He mentions all being well try get up our local Hill G/DC-003 on Saturday.
Keep eye on the alerts as is short notice when he goes.

Could be others

Nice to work some local Summits with in my own county :smile:
Thanks again Glyn.


Hello Karl,

Why not join them, perhaps take them a cup of tea and a sandwich?


Hi Karl

Nice to work you the past couple of days. Have had to fit the summits in between sight seeing trips with my new XYL (got married last Friday).

As stated by previous activators of the DC-004 & 006 the hills are not difficult to activate but they are certainly not the prettiest, especially Henbarrow Beacon which is surrounded by the China Clay ‘slagheaps’ and is, in fact, not the highest point in the area now. One day when ECC have stopped adding to the heaps the OS my resurvey them and the summit will move. Maybe even become a 2 pointer if the continue to grow!!

I will certainly be activating Kit Hill DC-003 on Saturday but the timing will be very arbitrary as Mrs CFS wants to visit Trago Mills en-route and there is no saying how long we will be there!!! If I get the chance will try to activate Watch Croft (DC-007) on Friday though that is a low prob at the moment.

If you can get to Kit Hill on Saturday it would be great to meet you. We certainly wont be there before 11:00 UTC and it could be as late as 12:00 UTC. This will be a short activation as we have to get back home to Bishops Waltham Nr Southampton.

Regards 73


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Congratulations to you both on the marriage :smiley: Better put your food/drink order in for Karl when you are on the summit!

My father in law lives within walking distance of Trago Mills (Liverton). When we visit, from here in Yorkshire, its rare that I escape a visit to Trago Mills!

Joking aside, I have found quite a number of cheap tools in Trago which I use for my home brewing activities.

I’ve done two summits in DC land, both were easy, G/DC-005 is a drive on summit and High Willhays G/DC-001 doesn’t take much effort from Okehampton camp.

73, and good luck with Trago!

Colin M1BUU

Hope you have your sextant and compass with you Glyn. … for finding the exit in Trago Mills. :wink:

Of all the SOTA DC summits I really only fancy going bsck to Brown Willy, complete with another scramble over Rough Tor for a bit of fun. Thankfully there are a few HuMPs down there when I visit my daughter to give me something new to activate.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Congratulations there to you both

Hmm Trago Mills good luck :smile:Don’t let on to other half there two of there stores on A38 one in Cornwall and one in Devon LOL.

First priority work the DC-003 and then hopefully get over to kitt hill myself
if you see a tall type Yeti creature coming over the hill that be me.

But lastly thanks for putting these local hills on the Sota map for us all


Hi Karl

Will open up on 2m FM so listen out on S20


Sorry Glyn no on 2m or 6m at moment

Only Basic HF this side time money allows bigger and better things