Well its been a while since rising up that early let alone prior to dawn and yet worth the trip dispute bit poor conditions and if you not know Kitt Hill is a well easy to reach summit nigh on drive up it But always park the car other side of the car park once set up. And took me quick up Kyham tent only takes few minutes to set up unlike the station of course.

Local WX was windy and little steady 10 mph wind and cloudy with sun barely peaking through he clouds low on the horizon as you can see in Photo above in direction of eastwards. arrival was about 6:30am and was on air by 7am and warmish temp for time of year and yet lovely sheltered from that wind in me tent. First found mike after working couple stations in SV and LZ on 20m and no joy trying to reach him busy boy he was and even heard him work the ZL, so green with envy. But soon was well happy bunny again working VK5PAS/p IN VKSE-005 MY very first S2S down under at just after 8am. But by this time the sea fog has rolled in reducing the visibly down to 30m

That triangle seat proved to be very comfy whilst operating and as you can see can take me shack shelving with me to site and the sandwich box containing me PPSU-8400 Lifepo batt still got good voltage in it and prob carried on couple more hrs but with so many CQ calls unanswered not good of conditions. So by 10am, its pack up time and set off for home

The log
G4PWO/P IN SX-95 NEXT TO Brixton light house in Southern Devon
VK5PAS/P S2S :-))))))))) VK5/SE-005
YO6PIB/P S2S :-)))))) YO/EC-426
2EOHPI/P S2S NZ-50 TP-0697 G/TW-001
2E0EFP/P S2S NZ-50 TP-0697 G/TW-001

40M heard no UK stations at all
20m Hearing loads JA,s ZL,s VK,s and XT calling CQ (Not sotas)
80M Good number Uk stations being heard.

Worth the trip out and the hassle of the poor conditions


Crikey that’s a luxourious set-up Karl! You could have camped overnight with that tent. Puts my plastic sheet on the ground to shame!

Sorry we didn’t get a contact. At one time I thought I could just hear you at my noise level but then, nothing. Conditions were variable today. Was hoping to catch you on 40m but never mind - next time!

73 Ed.

Did listen out for you barely hearing any German stations bar the two sotas on DM/RP-003 i worked and heard a DL/FF station but he no hearing me. And it even had a ground sheet go under neath LOL.

No overnight camping on hill mind you want bigger battery LOL

No great number of contacts but made at least 17 according to me log across 4 bands but that VK5 Sota still ringing in me ears :slight_smile: well happy with that one made the trip worth while.

That tent is nigh on ten years old and been all over country at various bike rallies and done some mileage and can tell some right stories if it could speak. Its a quick erect Kyham highlander up in minutes :slight_smile:


BTW, Karl, thanks for reminding me about Kit Hill! In late April I have three days camping near Salcombe and four days in a caravan at St Minver. My XYL has knee trouble and can no longer accompany me on the hill so this is one she could enjoy whilst I activate!

when there,s no mist and the views are clear on sunny day you can see right down into the Plymouth sound lovely views from up there.


Been busy this morning designing up another design for E qsl for me activation from Kitt hill other day.
Be sent to the contacted party,s shortly :slight_smile:




from dm/rp-003 you worked dl/ot6v/p and dl/on6uu/p. not dl/ot6u/p and dl/on6u/p.

Nice set-up !


Thanks for that will correct
Now trying to suss out how on earth one sorts out me activator log and redo one of me entrys ???


Its in the FAQ, Karl! IIRC, you copy the log then delete it from the database, correct the copy and upload it.


Log onto the database
go to View Results / My Results / activator log.
at the bottom of the list will be your latest log

Download, (text on right hand end of line)

On your PC edit the file wherever you stored it to (easiest just with a text editor - Notepad). Save the changed file.

Then back to the web page screen and click on delete on the same line (the middle of the three options show, delete and download).
Now click on the top bar Submit Log/Import Activator TSV/CSV then Browse and point the pop-up file manager panel to where you have your saved edited file, then press “upload file” and the after it displays the contents (now changed) OK again and all is done.

73 Ed.

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