is this a new summit? i noticed it when claming points for g/ce-005. if so is there other new summits?

73 dave

In reply to G0AOD:

I think you’ve got everyone searching for it Dave. Can’t find it here, either on the summits page or the database.

73, Gerald

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In the G region ARM it clearly states that it was valid to 09-May-02. If you want to know about the hills in a region, read the region’s reference manual.


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Hi Andy,

I think Dave’s on the beer… must have seen SE-006 which was activated yesterday. I’ll have a look at the ARM to see what I’ve missed…

73, Gerald

CE-006 deleted and replaced with WB-024 (fixing initial allocation error)

In reply to 2E0KPO:

I see that no-one managed to activate it as CE-006.

73, Gerald