G/CE-005 Wendover Woods

I was planning to do G/CE-005 this morning, but was in two minds when it started raining here in Bracknell. Then saw Andrew’s alert ‘aborted - zero visibility on site’, so I will abort as well. Possibly tomorrow, when the forecast looks a bit better.

I note that Richard G3CWI recommends parking down the road where the Ridgeway crosses, and that is where his TomTom POI file takes you. But on Streetview I can see no sensible place to park there. Probably easier anyway to go in the Woods car park and operate near the trig point. I shall be 40m, 30m and 60m CW.

73 Dave G3YMC

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There is a huge area to park at the PoI location.



…and there is a huge area to activate in.


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Then saw Andrew’s alert ‘aborted - zero visibility on site’

Indeed… at the Trig Point, visibility was about five feet.

Just got back from Cheltenham, where CE-001 was visibility about 50 feet (cloudbase was at 160m) I actually walked along the path, past the trig point at first, and had to use the GPS to find it!

At CE-005, I park on the verge side just before the MX bikers car park (about 100 yards before the footpath)