G/ce-005 g6sfp/p today

Wendover Woods was having a bit of an overhaul, with a fair bit of tree felling. I setup in my usual spot, but moved quickly when the trees started crashing down a little too close. I then tried a new spot directly South of the car park in a recently cleared grassy area. This was an excellent sunny spot and I ended up having a very pleasant sunbathe/activation.

Starting on 17m with an inverted V @ 10m agl, pointing south. I worked a total of 16 stations, including a couple of chasers. The best dx was ZS6PMS Paul running 100w into a doublet. Thanks to Marc G0AZS for the dx cluster spot, it certainly helped.

I then switched over to 60m and Mike GW0DSP answered immediately. All the 20 stations that called in were very strong. A few milliwatts and some wet string was all anyone needed on 60m today.

40m on the other hand was uninspiring. The frequency was clear, but I struggled to make 9 contacts, including 2 G stations that just about cleared the noise.

V29PR was loud on 20m, but the pileup was poorly disciplined and calling all over him, so I quickly gave up and called cq for a few minutes, but this was also fruitless.

I had finished early, so I took the opportunity to walk around the woods for an hour, with the sun out and few people around it couldn’t have been better.

Thanks for all the calls and spots.
Nigel. G6SFP.

In reply to G6SFP:
Hi Nigel,
Thanks for the contact today. 60mts was in very good condition indeed and your signal was booming in. I was using my FT817 and 5 watts into a low piece of random wire whilst at a friends house. I tried listening for you on 40mts but didn’t hear anything. In contrast to your sunbathing I was cold and under a blanket looking out at grey clouds and the threat of rain! Still very pleased to catch you today.
Thanks for helping to make my /p day a bit more bearable.
Quentin GW3BV

The ZS DX is impressive Nigel, FB. I don’t know why I persisted so much with strugglng with VHF from that hill on my visits. HF is definitely the logical choice!

Is ZS a first for a G SOTA activation?