G/CE-003 Bredon Hill & G/CE-001 Cleeve Hill

Just back from a trip to the western Cotswolds and the activations of Bredon & Cleeve Hill. I think the sky was definitely broken today with only 60/40M SSB working first thing this morning and only 40M CW around lunchtime. In the case of Cleeve Hill I thought at on stage that I would have a failed activation with no QSO’s for the first 30 minutes. No S2S’s today but a thanks to Ken GM0AXY and Michael DJ5AV who managed to make it on both hills. On the second hill worked Ken in CW which I think is a first for us. Full report available here

Saw this on a gate on the path up Bredon Hill - given the state of the propagation today - ‘it was good but it wasn’t Carling’ (other Lagers are available).

What a waste of good barley!

Sorry, I was fast asleep this morning (night shifts) otherwise I would have added to your QSO total!
You can make the walk to Cleeve longer if you want :smile:

I would have preferred a good apple orchard!!

I did look at various options but settled for this one today - maybe next year will go for a longer walk up Cleeve.

73 Glyn

Hello Glyn,
I did listen out for you on both summits but with S5-S7 noise on 40m it looked like a non- starter for me but did listen awhile in the hope there might be a blip of your signal - oh well. Glad you enjoyed the day out.
Night night