G/CE-003 Bredon Hill 18 Sept 2020

The weather today was warm with a deep blue sky. The wind however was a quite brisk easterly.
I parked up at 52.0441°, -2.0670°. This is at the end of a lane and there is parking in the layby there for about three cars maximum. I was the only car there today when setting off. When I came back there was a second car parked. After parking up, it takes around 25-30 minutes to hike the 2.3km up to the summit.
Tip: Shortly into the walk, it is easy to miss the track that takes you in the direction that you need for the summit. Take the narrower path on the right.

Follow the path with its gentle slope all the way up to the plateau at the top of the hill. There are spectacular views to enjoy if the visibility is as good as it was for me today.

At the top is a stone tower that has cellular antennas and what looks like a VHF colinear paging antenna. I was operating only on 7MHz HF today. I had no interference at all. It may well be the case that an activation on 2metres may be tricky if your radio receiver is prone to out of band blocking from strong paging signals (typically on 153MHz).

I activated the summit using my Elecraft KX1 and Sotabeams linked dipole. There is plenty of space on the summit plateau. I chose a spot to set up in the lee of a small mound where I could get a little bit of shelter from the brisk easterly winds.
In a half hour or so, I made 8 QSOs. Many thanks to those who chased and those who answered my CQ SOTA calls, in particular HB9CBR/P which was an S2S QSO with HB/GR-355.

Minimalist activation equipment :slight_smile:

I like this Bredon Hill very much. It is an enjoyable easy hike from the parking spot up to the SOTA summit. There is plenty of space up there for your antenna and for other walkers and cyclists that are also visiting the summit for the views.


The sign saying something about being private land seems to be overgrown !

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Hi Stewart.
I did pass this sign on the path up to the summit.

It’s very faint, probably well-weathered. It says:
Permissive path.
Please follow the Grasshopper Way markers to the public right of way.
Please keep dogs under control and leave no litter.
Thank you.
Overbury Estate.

Carl G0KPE

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There is a sign below your red arrow.