Further Mountain Goats for René HB9PIM, Tom HB9EVF and Sigrid & Harry, DL2FAZ & DF7FX

Dear all

I took note of additional SOTA Mountain Goats for following participants:

René HB9PIM has Goat #3 in his herd now. It took him only slightly more than one year to raise it. This is even more admirable considering that he enjoys exploring non-mainstream summits somewhere in our Swiss nowhere with no sign-posted tracks to the summit. René is our 2-m-guy most of the time. Ehm … that‘s not his height but his preferred radio band - not easy here in HB9! We know und appreciate René for the summit videos on his YouTube channel. See below some pictures taken from a video on summit Piz Murtelet.

Tom HB9EVF has started now to build his herd. Goat #2 joined him today on Munt Pers, one of our three-thousanders in the HB/GR region, and in company of his wife Tabea HB3XXX. What a good panorama to see a MG happen, just see below!

Sigrid DL2FAZ and Harry DF7FX are two experienced SOTA activators originating from the region of Kassel in nothern Hesse. They are a goat herd themselves somehow since they do all activations together as the SOTA couple they are. They are in their seventies and know all summits nearby and in some other DM regions they are exploring with a motorhome on holidays or by their car. Goats #6 for each (!) have joined in some weeks ago, and they still enjoy SOTA like on their first day, only the pace is a bit tamer now. We have met both for two bright SOTA days in the DL/AL region around the German East Allgäu.

These are success stories I became aware of. Congratulations to all of you, and enjoy all your next successes to come! And it was a pleasure to do the stuff together with Sigrid and Harry during our own holidays.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


Snapshots from a video about Piz Murtelet by René HB9PIM. Check out his videos on Youtube, they show SOTA in the real Swiss Alps - done with love and a personal touch. They are commented in Swiss German, but let the summits speak.

A pic from Tom‘s 2nd Mountain Goat activation on Munt Pers in the Grisons region, one of our holidays paradises for moutaineers.

And finally Sigrid & Harry on a joint activation with us on Mt. Breitenberg nearby Pfronten in the German Allgäu region.


Dear Sigrid, dr Harry, congratulations on this great success. I wish you many more successful activations.
On this occasion many thanks for many QSO’s and hope for many more.
Best 73’

René and Tom:
Congratulations to you too for this success and I hope you will continue to be heard!
Best 73’