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Fürstenstand OE/ST-299

The weather forecast was excellent for Wednesday, so I decided to knock off an easy 2 pointer near Graz. It started snowing in St Radegund as I set off, but thankfully the wx in Graz was perfect. I even found a nice spot for the antenna at the viewing point:

Unfortunately, the antenna snapped as I was trying to get it in position, so I had to effect my first in-situ repair. Fortunately, it held and I was able to get on air. Unfortunately, the receiver on my KX3 was a bit overload with all the commercial services also broadcast from the summit. 20m was ok, but 40m was really hard work and I was well down on my usual tally of QSOs. Thanks to all OMs who persevered. I went QRX to see if I could solve the problems, but there was nothing I could do, so I went QRT. I now realise why I had no problems last year with the MTR3b: the Fuchskreis provided great out of band rejection. I must remember to take it along just in case next time. Well, it was a really lovely day:

  73 de OE6FEG / M0FEU