Fun Evening this week?

Now there’s an idea - having fun! :wink:

Anyone biting this week? WX is looking undecided, but fingers crossed.

I have begun petitioning Geoff 'SFN for a trip up WB-004.

73 to all,

Dave 2E0BYA.

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My mum (2E0MND) and me hope to be doing LD-050 if I bring the right boots. We also hope to be doing other fells throughout the week. Black Combe hopefully this afternoon.

Jordan M3TMX

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After finishing a day’s work, and been persuaded by son and heir to climb the heights of one Gummers How for the SOTA “Fun” evening (note the quotation marks), we only managed 9 between us (admittedly 4 of them were the same).

Considering the lashing by the rain we got I consider that pretty good!!

And not wishing to start another “discussion”, yes we only had a handy with us basically because one of us had forgotten the SOTA pole with ariel (It was still by the kitchen radiator when we got home).

(Strangely the same thing happened on Monday with Black Coomb - Again after finishing work)

Were we the only “Idiots” out in this glorious weather we are currently having?


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I would have done SP-004, but a massive thunderstorm started at 1630 so I opened a bottle of wine instead. August already on Friday - it`s nearly winter :-((

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In reply to M3MND:
August already on Friday - it`s
nearly winter :-((

And winter means bonus points :slight_smile:
Cheer up Steve.

Roger G4OWG

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MMMMMM!! Bonus points. Don’t give my son any more ideas.