FT817 right angle power plug

Does anyone have a source for right angle power plugs for an FT817 (4mm outer / 1.7mm inner)?

I can find Powerpole adapters or plugs with fitted cables from China but they look like complete tat.

So a bare right angle plug please if anyone knows?


Ordered a couple of these for my KX3: Prise connecteur DC mâle angle droit 2,1 mm / 2,5 mm / 1,7 mm / 0,7 mm ordinateur portable | eBay. It is a UK shop.

I didn’t receive them yet so I can’t comment on the quality.



Thank you Jean-Marc, they sell them but are currently out of stock. At least that is somewhere to keep an eye on.

Try this


Hello Neil

Do you want this connector to build the powerpole adapter???

Rick EA4M

No Rick, I don’t use Powerpoles. I wanted a right angle one to replace a straight connector which sticks out too much.

A fellow SOTAist is sending a right angle one which solves my initial problem and I have 2 companies identified who supply right angle ones now.

Its too late now, but I have a spare Yaesu power lead somewhere in the shack.

For my part I would love to rip out the power socket and replace it with something more durable. It went intermittent on my first 817 and now my second 817 is getting unreliable. I see Sotabeams have a power pole adapter which looks good but it is already too late for my rig!

Surely you leave the power cable plugged in and use a P clamp onto the earth tag so there is no strain on the plug or socket. Keep the cable short, mine is 35cms and terminate it in an inline connector. The cable stays connected to the rig at all times and the only wear is on the easily replaced inline connectors.

Likewise on the BNC on the front, you either have a short BNC male to female cable, 10-15cms that stays connected to the radio so you are not constantly wearing the lugs on the BNC. Or, you file down the overcenter action of the BNC plugs so they are a looser fit again to preserve the life of the socket.

If you are some kind of heathen barbarian you could use the SO239 socket but not if you want any respect from your peers :wink:

However, thanks for the offer.of the spare.

No, the earth is reserved for a counterpoise (see below.)

Prepare to cringe! For 2m I often use a half wave mobile whip with a BNC to SO239 adapter for the front socket. In the Es season I sometimes use a three band whip with that adapter and a counterpoise for 6m. The rear SO239 is used for HF so I can set up for HF and VHF and not need to faff about changing antennas. The three band whip is more for campsites, its a bit long to tie to the rucksack (though I have done it!)

I suppose I can’t complain, the 817 works for its living, it doesn’t live in the rucksack, it is set up in the shack and is used to monitor for expected activations though contacts are made with the 857. I think it has been in frequent use for something like ten years so it doesn’t owe me anything!

Leaving it constantly plugged in on 817 is fine, it’s just a shame that doing that on an 818 drains the internal battery.

That said, I keep thinking it’s a dead weight I’m carrying around the after market LiPos are more than enough for the activations I’ve done so far.

Actually it’s probably not fine on the '817ND.


TLDR: You should put a 4k7 or 2k2 R inside the powerpole adaptor or the radio may flatten the internal battery when off.

btw, to answer the original question, I looked at the pile of left over right angle plug on jacks that come with generic wall warts and found one the right size and used that with a bit of hacking the black plastic off.

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