Ft817 ft818 radio control and logging

I am looking for a solution that allows me to log my QSOs from an ft818nd to an iPhone. Pignology is not producing anymore. What other options are available? Is there something that allows Vox via Bluetooth?


Do you want a voice recording or a typed record?

You could use the inbuilt sound recorder and transcribe later or set up an Excel type spreadsheet and fill it as you go. Then up-load to the SOTA Database in CS format. There are many loggers for PCs but even in landscape format I find the android phone screen too small.

I use water resistant paper and a pencil. Never had a battery failure with that. Just have to write slowly so I can read it later.


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You could look at the Parks & Peaks iPhone app by Sue VK5AYL. Go to:

for details.

I usually use paper & pencil when on summits, but use the VK3ZPF VK port-a-log Android app when activating WWFF references.


Peter VK3PF