FT8 with DigiLink and ChromeOS

Allegra to the round

I need your swarm knowledge.
A few months ago I stumbled across an OM who operates FT8 on SOTA with a DigiLink and a GPD Micro PC.
Since the GPD was not available, I switched to an ASUS Chromebook CM3, which has ChromeOS as its operating system.
To get WSJT-X to fly I had to load a Linux emulator - this hurdle has been taken.
Where I keep failing now is the setting for the sound card because my tablet only has a USB3 port to which I connect the DigiLink which is the sound card for my KX3. (The manufacturer of the DigiLink uses it on his KX2 so it must work). But the selection is so big from samplerate over vdownmix and plughw:CARD=SoundCard,DEV=0 to alsa_input.hw_0_0. On the radio card, since there is no CAT, I have the interface selection from /dev/ttyS3 down to /dev/ttyS0 and USB. I have tried several combinations but I always get a Hamlib error.
Who knows what I am doing wrong again as a DAU?


Would this APP be useful?

Kent K9EZ

Hallo Roger
Some time ago I played around with FT8 and SOTA. I used a Raspberry Pi with a 7" display attached. (Some ideas here are based on HB9HCI’s FT8–Box.) Of course the standard OS on a RPi is Linux. So installing the necessary programs was no problem at all. I didn’t persue this project any further, because for me setting up all this on a summit was too much of a hassle. I will certainly try the suggested app by Kent K9EZ sometime.
I documented my setup in the attached images (which are converted pdfs)
May be this helps some.
73, Fritz