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FT8 Video

I have been up on Gun today reshooting part of a video on FT8. If anyone wonders what Tom’s 30m antenna looks like, here it is. https://youtu.be/HyNaDydrbx0


Even I was wondering what it looked like - from above! Ta - that’s really cool!

Running my new YouTube channel is hard work. Breakfast was very welcome.
More SOTA content planned.



Richard has published his video about FT8 in the field.


Great video guys. I hope this will tempt one or the other to try it. But I find the approach with the clock setting too awkward. I would open a WiFi hotspot for the tablet and sync via internet (only if you have coverage of course - but I guess so, as for the spotting). I for my self do it a bit different: When I do FT8 while I do SOTA I use a rapsberry pi (v3b now, but pi4 already here) connected to my FT817. For the time sync the pi uses a 7 Euro USB GPS module. I control my raspi via my mobile phone (wifi/vnc) that I carry around anyway. 73 and see you soon on FT8 73 John, DK9JC

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It is just as quick to manually adjust the tablet’s clock as it is to turn on a WiFi hotspot and connect to it. I have then encountered other issues to solve in order to get time syncing working, but the only issue with manual adjustment is that I might have to do it again 30-90 minutes later.

I did my first several FT8 activations using time sync software, but overall, manual is quicker and easier.

Great video.
I have my portable FT8 equipment setup and tested at home.
Plan is to get out on local summits over Christmas :grinning:
I even had some 2m SSB contacts last week on FT8


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You mean 2m FT8 contacts?

What I was trying to say is that it was nice to be making contacts using 2m SSB kit even though messages where passed using FT8 protocol.


Thanks John. The video has had over 900 views since Saturday. As you might expect, opinions are divided…

My next “Radio Adventures” video will explain one method of erecting an endfed antenna system in the field. That goes live next Saturday. Tom and I are discussing another video along the lines of a shootout between FT8 and another mode.

How do you configure the FT8 to send the correct SOTA info?