FT8 - UK 70cm Frequency Allocation

Does any have the UK 70cm frequency allocation for FT8.
Dave G4BOO

FT-8 is usually used for HF and up to 4m. the digital mode on higher bands tends to be JT-65.

IARU Region 2 (The Americas) appear to use 432.5000 - so that’s probably as good a frequency as any.

73 Ed.

432.0000-432.1000   500 Hz    432.0000-432.0250 MHz Moonbounce (EME)|
Telegraphy, MGM 

432.1000-432.4000   2700 Hz  432.5000 MHz Narrow band SSTV activity centre
All modes                    432.6250-432.6750 MHz Digital communications (25 kHz channels)
Non-channelised              432.7750 MHz 1.6 MHz Talkthrough - Base TX (Note 10)

432.550 may be better.

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Thanks for the feedback.