Has anyone used FT8 for SOTA activations? - I saw a question regarding this on the reflector recently

Good question - 8 years since you last posted on the reflector!

Yes, there are a good number of activators using FT8. I tend to chase a few every week. One of those is M1EYP, but there are plenty of others using the mode in Europe.

If you try the mode on a hill or mountain good luck.

Maybe you will buy a KH1 and use that for FT8 (Once the firmware has been written, its been promised by Elecraft).

73 Phil G4OBK

In the Activator Roll of Honour of the SOTA database select DATA in the window Mode (most of the time it’s FT8).
73, Bruno F6HHK

Yes, and PLEASE SOTA Operators, PLEASE use an available non-standard frequency for FT8, if you can spot. It is much easier for SOTA chasers to find you if you use a non-standard freq. In other words - DON’T USE 7.074, 14.074, 21.074, 28.074 for mountain top FT8 if you care about SOTA chasers that would like your summit points. For example on 15M, use 21.080 or 21.136 if available. After you get the SOTA chasers, then go back to the usual .074 if you just want contacts… my two cents


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Bruno is one of the more prolific FT8 guys in my log - I have logged him as a chaser 23 times using FT8.

I just bagged John @N0YPR this afternoon on W7A/MN-101. I had to follow him around other bands without seeing any hits before I found the propagation sweet spot for him on 24915 FT8!

73 Phil

Maybe I’ll do a bit of FT8/FT4 SOTA tomorrow…