FT8 at 23:00 UTC today

Apologies for the short notice and if interested I’ll be activating Leg Benchmark in Wyoming near Laramie using FT8.


I managed 3 FT8 QSOs earlier today from W7Y/EW-006


Hi Paul, I’ve just downloaded WSJT-X and am starting to experiment at home. What computer are you using on your activations? I like the idea of long range weak signal and compromise antennae capability (SOTA!), but not lugging my present (old) laptop up hills

HI there,

Out of interest, How did you find the fast turn-around time of the first message whilst in the field. With JT65/JT9 you have about 10 seconds, but with FT8 its only about 1 second.

Did you use the auto respond feature to first reply to CQ? The 1 second gap is fine when sat at home in a comfy shack, I am interested how manageable it is when in an unfamiliar setting with compromise equiopment.



The fast turn around is a little daunting and I only called CQ and then did leave it on auto response.

As you can imagine being in the field has lots of challenges; Hard to read screen, need an external mouse as the track pad seemed too imprecise to click on a message during the ultra short turn around period and of course just lugging a laptop up a mountain.

However, that all written I really enjoyed operating FT8 on a peak and really want to try and perfect operating it effectively when SOTA-ing.

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I recently acquired a small 2.5 lb (1kg?) Lenovo N22 Windows 10 notebook with a dual core Celeron from AMZ for $200 US.

Decoding seems fine and the key thing which is a bit of a hassle in the wilderness is accurately setting the PC time as that is essential for all the JT/FT modes.

I believe quite a few people have WSJT running happily on a Raspberry Pi3. I got it installed but unfortunately my 7" Raspberry Pi screen resolution is below what wsjt needs.


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Hopefully there is a Pskreporter image in my reply.

These are the stations that heard my 7 watts from a KX3 operating at 9,000 ft yesterday. Fun to see I was heard in Tenerife (I think).



How many QSOs did you managed?
It is possible to send the SOTA summit?

Hi Paul…glad we made the FT8 SOTA QSO from W7Y/SW-161 a little while ago! Saw u on sotawatch yesterday on FT8 and must admit I didn’t know what that mode was…I had played a bit with JT65 & JT9…so last night I downloaded the new program and managed to make my first FT8 QSO to a portable station on Dauphin Island IOTA NA-213, AL. Came inside from some yard work a little while ago and turned on the rig… there was ur spot…WooooHooooo made my FIRST SOTA FT8 QSO es my 2nd FT8 QSO! Tnx fer the “FUN”!!!


I managed 7 FT8 contacts yesterday and send a free form message with the peak code. Unfortunately i don’t think it shows up highlighted in red on the receiving stations display. I’ve been trying to insert the peak message part way through auto qso sequence. Defiintely work in progress to make smooth.

In the attached you can see me sending W7YSW161 which was today’s activation.

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I recognized your call immediately and was thrilled to have a regular SOTA chaser on the display.

FT8 does seem like a fun and rapid mode to use. Today was my 3rd peak using FT8. It was a little harder to get 4 QSOs today but I did thanks in part to you.

Hope to work you again on FT8 and of course SSB!