FT4 frequency

Does anyone know the current FT4 frequency for 40m? Google is of no help and I can’t find any activity on the band. 7.090 and 7.0475 are suggested but I fear both may be out of date.

7.0475 is what I’ve got Tom

MSHV suggests 7.047 Tom
Listening now if you want to try?

Will give 7.0475 FT4 a go on tonight’s G/SP-004 activation.

In actual fact I am going to focus on 30m tonight.

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And I’m glad I did. Super joint activation on Shining Tor G/SP-004 with Jimmy M0HGY.

We set off after 7pm, choosing to utilise the evening time to avoid others and keep social distancing as easy as possible.


51 QSOs

44 on 2m FM
7 on 30m FT4


53 QSOs

13 on 2m FM
29 on 30m FT4
2 on 30m FT8
9 on 30m CW

Jimmy clearly supported my claim that 2m is alive and well with contacts coming thick and fast throughout the evening.

By packdown time, I was thinking “If only I had my backpacking tent and sleeping bag with me, and be in a phase and life in which that was socially acceptable!” This was because I was by this stage getting called and worked by North American stations on 30m FT4. I would have liked to have gone on for hours!

Earlier I’d done The Cloud G/SP-015, making 32 QSOs:

40m CW: 11
40m SSB: 2
40m FT8: 9
2m FM: 6
15m FT8: 3
15m CW: 1

…and then Gun G/SP-013, with just six 2m FM handheld QSOs.

Then home for a spectacular afternoon tea in the sunshine on the patio, before heading out for the evening activation with Jimmy.

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Gday Tom
I have seen some FT4 signals in the top end of my pass band water fall when i operate JS8call. My cat frequency setting for JS8 is 7.078 usb and the FT4 sigs are at around 2,500 hz on my waterfall screen. I have checked on the FT4 mode in WSJT-X to make sure that was the mode I was seeing and found them to be mostly JA ops when I saw them there on FT4.
Cheers Mate
vk5cz …

Interesting that I could just about hear you on SSB (would not have managed a meaningful exchange), could not hear your CW at all even with all the filters and DSP cranked up but your FT8 was as easy as shooting a fish in a barrel. (All 40m if there was any doubt)


Here, about 180km from Shining Tor, VHF was otherwise busy with far stronger signals. I decoded Jimmy’s call on FT4 on 30 metres at about -15, but couldn’t complete a contact. I figure 30 metres was on the edge of the skip zone.

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