FT-857 protective case

Has anyone, does anyone know of a protective case for a FT-857? I have seen things like side rails but I am after a case to protect the radio from damage/scratches.(like a silicone case?)
I do have a old camera case that I use, but when I put the other bits etc in the case they rub on the radio.



Hi @M0VAZ John, I know you mentioned ‘silicon case’, but I was having a browse for you and came across this:

It is specifically for the FT-891 (see link below), but will also fit the 857D. For the price, I thought it was well worth it!

73, GW4BML. Ben


Cheers Ben.
I have a bag like this
which then lives in a rucksack.
Get to the summit and pull the bag out which contains the radio, battery etc
I was aiming more for a ‘gimp’ suit for the radio rather than a case.

One word solves all packing problems…



I’ve started using my 857D after collecting virtual dust for a very long time. I’m not particularly bothered about scratching it but I do care about offering it some protection.

Part of my solution is to separate the head and pack it more carefully than the main unit which I slip into a soft case that offers modest protection and then place it above extra clothing. Most of my trail tumbles seem to have me losing my boot grip and landing posterior down which is where the extra clothing comes into play.

This aside I am interested to see other peoples approaches as mine is somewhat optimistic which might result in tears longer term.


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As the head is removable, Paul’s suggestion of removing it is a good idea.

Cut off a section, make a pouch out of it, use packing tape to seal three sides. Make two, one for radio and one for head. Once $some_pecentage of the bubbles burst, make a new pouch.

I’ve been using bubble wrap bags since 2006. Works for me.

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I’m with MM0FMF on this. Especially for SOTA a “bag” made from bubble wrap is ideal. I then put that in one of those plastic sleeved mailing envelopes that are very waterproof and add even extra protection for rainy weather (although normally my backpack rain cover does that).

Don’t add extra weight unless you really need to. Also, if you treat your backpack as if it has a radio in it then you can’t go wrong…

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Are you in my mind reading my (dodgy) thoughts?

Seriously John, you’d be surprised how tough a bubble wrap bag can be and how much protection it provides. Also your radio is a lot tougher that you probably credit. Yes bubble wrap looks cheap so it matches me perfectly. I’ll take a picture or 2 inside my bag. But first the hound wants a walk.

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I’m surprised you’re suggesting paying for it. I seem to have no trouble acquiring it for free from parcels. I shall now make a custom bubble bag for my homebrew rig.

I was doing so many eBay packages when involved in a few SK estate sales I had to buy some. Sorry for letting the side down.

Plus one for bubble wrap for the 857. It is then dropped into a waterproof roll-top bag. Not a heavy canvas one, just a light liner type.

I use this same case for my ft817 plus 4200mAh battery plus other bits…it is good value


I have been using a towel for 5 years and so far without problems

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Corrugated cardboard and packing tape slip on sleeve.
Doesn’t take 5 minutes to make.
I have a double layer at the front as it’s primary purpose is to protect the knobs, as I (fatally) bent the volume/squelch pot shaft.
Courier boxes are excellent thin , strong cardboard. Some like fedex boxes have a basically waterproof coating outside.


A few good thoughts. Bubble wrap was not one i has considered and also the sleeved mailing envelopes.
I had considered a clip down butty box such as Sistema and mount the radio to the box.
Going back to the IP67 case, I think I have some suitable foam in the loft… maybe I need to get creative

Check your local pound-shops. You can normally find things like Sistema boxes for a 1/3rd to a 1/5th of the price.

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Bubble wrap or the envelopes as above are good for most things.
I also use the clip-lock type food containers for my IC-7100 controller and the IC-705.
I cut out a suitable protective cover for the controls from white polyurethane packing material.

NOTE: Bubble wrap can also be used for keeping food warm until you reach your summit.

For short period of time I used gun pouch bought in Decathlon for about 10 euros

Also, this is what fishing entusiasts use for lead. Also from Decathlon for 12 euros

Look everywhere. You never know