FT-857 5 Megs mod

Hi, has anyone got any info on modding the FT-857 US version for 5 megs use?

Mine is the FT-857D and is the US version. At present there are only 2 of the 9 jumpers in situ, these are JP1001 and JP1002
The suggested mod which I found on the internet for this version says to remove jumpers 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, 1005, and then place jumpers at 1007, 1008, 1009.
It says to leave jumper 1006 in place.
This jumper is not in place on my radio to begin with, just the jumpers mentioned above.
I am baffled, anyone got any ideas ?


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If no-one here knows, try the 5MHz group:



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Open it up with software and the CAT-62 cable instead

Mike G4BLH

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I checked my FT857 - European version.
It’s working on 5985 kc/sec (on dummy-load).
I had the rig made transmit by the dealer
because I wanted 40 and 160m expanded.
But I remember:
It was not the connections only.
I had to make a RESET also!
RESET was: press Func and V/M.
Switch rig to ON.
You have to do this twice.
73 es cu
Mike, DJ5AV

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Firstly, thanks to everyone for the advice.

To Mike G4BLH, I have just set up the cat interface via a usb port and have softjump.exe, but can’t seem to get the pc to see the radio.
Do I need to connect the cat interface audio cable to my sound card as well?


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Ta Mick, still trying to get the cat interface to work, me and computers, dooohhh!!!.
Not bothered about losing ARO.
Will download “Widebander” if not on the cd which come with the cat interface.



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Hi Mike
It might be worth checking the age of the rig. My ft817 was bought new in August 2005 and would not soft wideband. The US governement told Yaesu to make it harder to do apparently. I believe any Ft817 rig from mid 2005 can’t be soft modified. I would assume this also applies to the 857 and 897.
I had to get mine hard widebanded with the solder pads etc. Couldn’t do it myself so ML+S did it for a very reasonable sum. No regrets.

Hi everyone

Thanks to all who replied and offered help on this subject.

The radio would not wideband with software, not sure if this is because it is a US model, or my cable was the wrong type?

However, I decided to tackle the job with the soldering iron and wideband it by swapping the jumpers. If anyone needs the link to the instructions on this mod, email me and I’ll gladly email the link back to you.

Although my eyes suffer badly from the effects of almost 40 years as a welder, I managed to tackle the job with the help of a large magnifying glass.

The FT-857D is now widebanded and been tested successfully on air.

Thanks again



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Hi Mike.Sorry I didn’t see your original request,I also have the 857D which I puchased about 5 months ago and had it wide banded before delivery to save me the problem,apparantly the newer versions of the 857D can’t be wide banded with software and have to be modded with the soldering iron.Since introduction there seem to be about 4/5 models now.Also there is a cable available along with software to programme it for all the required memories etc which saves a lot of time.73 Don G0RQL.

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Thanks for that Don. I was a bit worried about “operating” with the soldering iron, but managed it ok, although it has to be done with the utmost care and a steady hand.

When I bought this USA model FT-857D, about six months ago, it came with a cat interface and all cabling which allows for memory set ups, digi modes and Ham Radio Deluxe interface, etc, but won’t handle the wideband mods.

Anyway, thats all three radios sorted for 5 megs now and the 857 offers qro on 5 megs for /p operation if and when I can manage any activations.