Frustration and another failed attempt... W7M/PS-032


Thanks for the fun video. Nice scenery. Got a tip for you… snow shoes… Google it. LOL =)

Here in W7W (Washington) we are solidly in the ‘4 pointer’ season. Getting to summits above 3K right now requires snow travel, plain and simple. Get some snow shoes, gaiters, poles and get after it.

If you want to get a bunch of 10 point summits right now, I recommend a vacation to Arizona! Otherwise, maybe hit up some lower summits while you wait for the snow to melt.

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You’ve got to “know when to fold”…

The mountain will still be there for another day.

You win some & you lose some. Perhaps this might be best done in the summer months after snow melt.
It will still be a 10 pointer.

Hang in there Rob. Maybe come over to W7W for a weekend. We hit 2x unactivated 6 pointers in Colville N.F. this week. Idaho is thawing as well, tons of camping options.

Like the Vortex hat by the way.

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I am going to get out somewhere next weekend. Also have a climbing trip to Spearfish SD coming up im bringing my radio on pretty pumped on that. I just put some new Vortex Goodies on my Daniel Defense DDM4V7 =]