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So much better improved and if still windy. Bung up the guy ropes. BUT does need a little wedge to go between pole and the ring to stop it flapping about in breeze. Less cumbersome to carry around and couple small Velcro straps and attach it to the pole for transit.

Happy with that.

Ordered Tuesday big box turned up last night :slight_smile:


Thanks again to the gent to whom put me onto this.




Best to use a couple of velcro straps round the pole and rod rather than a wedge less likelihood of splitting the pole.


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Hi Karl
It’s all looking good, and easier to carry.
Cheers Ken G0FEX

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Good point there have got some here thanks again


to reduce the slack between the ring and the pole, perhaps some garden hose could be added inside the ring before inserting the pole. ie. slit the hose, cut to length just less than the circumference of the ring, insert, tape over or add cable tie to stop the hose falling out in transit.
Interesting idea.
Andrew vk1da/vk2uh

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Only problem is when on a very rocky summit. However, I use that same system and I haven’t yet had a failed activation due to being unable to set the fishing pole vertical.
In case of too rocky floor, there’s always a tree, fence post or a softer surface somewhere a bit further down the very summit where the ring can be properly hammered.
Good luck Karl.
73 de Guru

Good luck getting that peg in the ground on a rocky summit we would need to take a 14lb sledge hammer in vk5. to even have a chance.
Ian vk5cz …

Ditto on Moel Siabod and plenty of other mountains here.

Mast guying ring and pegs that can be replaced easily if bent are the way to go. The base can be supported by a few rocks if needed.


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Doesn’t work Ian, the peg bends - already had this issue in my garden!


Hello Ed,
Do a search for ‘dog tether’.
I use seven of them for guy anchors here and they work very well and they also screw into stoney ground as the ‘twist’ finds its own way - I have tested them at a place near here called Gills Lap :wink: eg:


There will be always a problem where ever you go, no sota sites are the same same. Surely when up a mountain you adapt to what ever you can strap your too antenna too.

Whole idea of this exercise is to have simple pole holder and less complicated than the original one i had made last year and less weight and bulk to carry and certainly will get some nice ratchet straps to carry if find nice post or what ever i can find on site to erect me pole.

Can’t always have one type of holding ya pole up, have to thing of other ways and ratchet straps are next on list but do like that screw thingy into ground. Man in this country it so damn wet you going to need a anchor :smile:


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I don’t know why Karl but this seems to be the most overused phrase to explain anything remotely placed nowadays so many people use it. It used to refer to the place where people worked as a collective. i.e a building “site” now everything is apparently on “site” !

I am ever curious to know why !


3 guys, 2mm nylon cord around 1.5m long, 3 tent pegs (aluminium), 1 plastic guy ring made from a piece of scrap plastic, for ground which accepts tent pegs. 2 pieces of nylon cord about 1.5m long for lashing to fence posts, trees etc.

Weighs just a few grams, assembles in seconds, cost almost nothing.


I used to work in porta cabins and so site is prob still stuck on brain from 15 years in service hence where it came from like down here people don’t say where ya going or where from its “where too”. Same going to bike rally’s across the the country often refereed as the site (Camp site or rally site) same with going to sites of construction played big part in me life.

I did warn you my brains does not work in the normal ways, it often goes off in one or even another site altogether let alone direction.

Now if you go to the wiki people Site is referred to as a place and not always to do with work or construction, could be a place of gathering for what ever reason say Stonehenge was a site for religious worship etc

A summit is a site for me to go put up me antenna and get chased by others that enjoy Sota, also let alone site’s on the internet to explore as Sota watch site.

Right enough said i thinks, I could ramble on for hours :smile:

That makes sense Karl, Its not you in particular. I just seem to hear it used in sentences frequently. I don’t think there is many people on here who’s brain works in a normal way - me included :smile:

Hope to chase you on another summit soon !

Weather isn’t up to much :confused:


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