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From Russia with love... - S2S VK/ZL/JA/EU 10.03.18

Hi! I could not write after the meeting, because I fell ill. After activating the R9U/SO-103 mountain in 2016 I was not there for 2 years. At this time on S2S we were three of us: RA9WJV Marat (he is first manader in Russia SOTA R9U), my grandson Albert UB9WLJ ( he has 10 year old) and me (I am 63…)! We installed the GP antenna for 14 Mhz and I gave the first QSO with ZL1BYZ . My 5 watts are 15,000 km! I’m since in 1970, but this is my first QSO on QRP at such a distance!
Then the rest of the participants held their QSO to activate the mountain. With us was the wife of Marat Irina, who seemed to ski downhill, but decided to try to make a QSO and it succeeded! The day was sunny and cheerful! Thanks to everyone who had us with QSO.
73! RK8A (RW9WR - OK8ACW)
_https://dxpedition.wixsite.com/ri0c _



15,000Km with 5 watts certainly a first class QRP contact and congratulations.

As for the snow it looks cold and deep, happily the snow in winter around my location is not so bad.

Cheers Wal VK2WP

Thank you, Wal for the congratulations! We still have snow and the temperature at night is -30, and in the daytime -3 -8 This is the Ural…

Hi Vladimir,
I hope you are feeling better now. Thanks for joining the event, it was certainly special to have a station take part from the Ural mountains. I am happy you were able to make such long distance contacts. I wish I had been lucky enough to work you as well, but I think I was simply too late getting to my summit for the better radio conditions. I hope your grou will want to join the next S2S event.

73 Ed DD5LP.

P.S. good luck with your DXPedition to Mozambique island and Inhaca island - they will certainly be a contrast to the activation in the ice and snow! Nice and sunny and warm I hope.

Thank you, Ed! I hope that I will go to the mountains more often, now. My grandson was with me twice in 2016, but this time he was already with his license. Last year he was with me on an expedition on the island of Shantar. Now he is the youngest “Robinson of Russia”. I hope that in SOTA he will be active in the future.

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Great news that your grandson is also interested in radio, he ceratinly likes it when it’s linked to adventure it seems.

I know a lot of people would be very happy to hear more stations from Russia taking part in SOTA. At the moment I think only your area - the Ural Mountains has been classified - lets hope more areas join soon.

73 Ed.

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