From LA/HM-119 to California * 2 + 49 more OSO's

A fantastic day for SOTA.

Used snowshoes up to the summit and stayed at an emergency hut that is open to all. In such huts there is always firewood, but best practice is to bring firewood yourself. I did, - and the wood was heavy. When I fired up the wood stove, no smoke came out of the chimney, but only into the hut.

The weather had been really bad, so the chimney was full of snow.

I have no knowledge of the chimney sweep profession and had no tools😄, so the door to the cabin had to be left open in -8 degrees, but it was good shelter from the weak wind.

Very good radio conditions, and an incredible pileup at 15 and 20 metres.
QSO Kart LA-HM-119
I used about 50-60 watts on my Icom 7000 and the antenna from DXpeak was perfect in these conditions. I had to cancel the pileup after 51 QSOs to be able to rig down and go down to the car before it got completely dark.