From a year many activators can you get on one peak??

Much to my disappointment, I won’t be able to attend this years G/LD event in June but thinking about last years reminded me I was half way through a blog post.

So its a year in the making and hope you enjoy the snaps!!

It was a fun time.



Sadly I’m not sure any of us will make it Paul. Although things are starting to relax, there are still concerns about encouraging lots of visitors to ‘hot spots’ such as the Lakes or seaside resorts

Hi Paul.
Thank you for the link. An enjoyable read of an unforgetable event and one which I had hoped to repeat this year. We are still in lockdown in Wales although we look forward to some sort of relaxing in the rules next week…we shall see?
Stay safe and maybe we can look forward to meeting up again next year.

73 Allan GW4VPX

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Thank you for the reminder - a (long) and very enjoyable day ( St Sunday Crag, Fairfield then something so 2019 - being socaible without worrying about distance on Seatn Sandal). Photo was taken on the way up St Sunday Crag

. Thanks Mark for organising it - and if anyone else is about I’m hoping to do Cross Fell this year which is an easy short drive and from this side quite a long walk… Hopefully out for the first time since lockdown tomorrow on Nine Standards - if I can still remember how to walk! Paul G4IPB

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Thanks very much Paul - some lovely pics. We were in the drizzle in the midst of peat workings on the day and I couldn’t even get a S2S with Skiddaw :cry:

GW4VPX - I hope you have arranged that the Welsh peaks open in time for the 6m (and other bands) challenge next week as I have found a new button on the VX-7! Description of my attempts (and adverts) to follow when the garden allows…

Viki M6BWA


Hi Viki

Announcement over the next few days regarding lockdown in Wales…we’ll see what transpires. All set up here for 6m in the shack but didn’t hear you the other day and just missed Rod on 60m☹.

Stay safe…it’s not over yet.

88 Allan

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