Frießenkogel, OE/ST-233

I decided to risk the Frießenkogel, OE/ST-233, this morning. Whilst things have been thawing this week, the way up the Frießenkogel goes very steeply up the north side, where deep snow is likely to accumulate. There was still some deep snow, but it is now hardening up and first thing in the morning the going was not too bad; nowhere near as easy as the Plankogel yesterday, but passable certainly. The snow was so deep in places, it would have been possible to simply step over the tall barbed wire fence that encloses about 90% of the (privately owned) summit area:

That, however, is highly inadvisable. Besides being against the rules of SOTA, the buffalo herd is currently in residence, along with at least 1 horse. So it may get a bit crowded in the summit area. I found a nice spot perched on a ridge just the other side of the fence:

What a view to look at while you activate. There was no one on 20 m today, and certainly no ZLs. But after a few minutes calling on 40m a steady stream of calls came back. I tried 2m FM, but that was dead as well. Hopefully the weather will be good for skiing this weekend, so I can bag another summit near one of the ski resorts.


Tks for the nice QSO this morning on 40m. Indeed no conditions on 14mc. Again nice pictures!!! TKS.
73, Sake