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I see that there are few going to Friedrichshafen.
Bob G1SAA and I are there from Thursday PM. So hopefully bump into Mike and others?
Regards Daryl G0ANV


In reply to G0ANV:
I will be in Friedrichshafen except Saturday afternoon/evening.
Find me working at ARRL-Desk with the DXCC-FieldCheckers.

Cu de Mike, dj5av


In reply to G0ANV:
SOTA DM and DL to the HAM Radio 2008
We are represented with the DARC Committee DX and HF Contesting.


In reply to DJ5AV:
Ok Mike i’ll pop by and ahve a word if your not to busy.
Cu de Daryl G0ANV


In reply to G0ANV:

While you are there Daryl, please pop over to the Hilberling stand and ask them if they would like to donate a PT-8000A and matching HN-8000 to me. I will even let them put “as used by SOTA chaser GW7AAV” on their web site. Any colour will do as they are all stunning. The blue one is particularly nice but the “bordeaux-violett” one would match my Land Rover Discovery.

Ahh! Objects of desire, we can all dream!

Enjoy your trip.
Steve GW7AAV 73



In reply to GW7AAV:

In reply to G0ANV:

I will even let them put “as used by SOTA chaser
GW7AAV” on their web site.

Steve GW7AAV 73

That would surely completely kill sales;-)



In reply to GW0DSP:

Went fishing and caught a fish!


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In reply to GW7AAV:

Have you ever seen one in reality? They had them there last year. Now it might be a fanatstic piece of RF gear but you can tell it’s not popped out of a Turin styling house. Gordon Bennet, the colours… and that meter! Looking at one is like washing your eyes in lemon juice. Then there’s the key beep. It had two settings, silent or MOTORHEAD!

Walking away from the stand was a relief for your eyes and ears.



In reply to MM0FMF:

It is okay Andy because as you say you can turn off the bleep and they do a black one. I quite like Motorhead and I could always wear shades so you won’t put me off, unlike the price. I would spend it but Helen would not let me.



In reply to MM0FMF:

And I thought it was just me. It fell right out of the ugly tree, looks cheap and nasty irrespective of it’s RF capabilities, reminiscent of the old Colins KW2000 stuff compared to the Yaesu gear of that era. Plus the price tag is even uglier.



In reply to GW0DSP:

Well I like it, it looks like a REAL radio! I want the purple one!

Look at the picture of the ladder filters: my jaw genuinely dropped!


Brian G8ADD


I hope for good wx in Friedrichshafen 2008,
not as last year (21.06.07):

Vy73 cu de Fritz hb9csa,dl4fdm

PS. GW7AAV here´s something for you Steve:


In reply to DL4FDM:

Thursday, 26C, 80% chance of rain

Friday, 28C, scattered clouds

Saturday, 31C, Scorchio!

Sunday, 32C, Scorchio!