Friedrichshafen 2010

I have loaded pictures of the SOTA meeting at Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen to Flickr. You can find them by searching the string “Frieha2010_OE5EEP”. If somebody could provide information on how to create a direct link to Flickr Fotos I would be glad to add it here.

We met on Friday at 12.00 at the QSL pin wall. There was a total of 6 activators/chasers:
Bernhard, DL3CW
Kurt, HB9AFI
Andy, MM0FMF
Peter, ON4UP
Franz, ON9CBQ
Milos, S57D
and myself.

On Saturday we had a spontaneous meeting where Inge, OE5IRO, Peter, OE5RTP and Steffen, DL3JPN showed up.

Unfortunately we did not have a booth or any other “official” meeting point. Would be great if we could arrange something for the next year! Ham Radio Friedrichhafen is the biggest Amateur Radio event in Europe (by counting participating hams).

73 Heinz

In reply to OE5EEP:
Unfortunately, I asked at DARC stand on Friday shortly after 12:00 where SOTA friends do meet, but nobody knew. The DARC people tried hard to find out but as there was nothing metioned in the official program and there was also no advance info here on the reflector, I have missed you. Sorry about that, I would definitely like to meet the faces behind the familiar calls. Hope for better luck next year.
73 Ruda OK2QA

I put the link to the pictures under “S57D/P SOTA activations”

73, Milos S57D