Freezing cold Winter Activation

Hi everybody!

Today we (OE2ATN & me OE2WNL) where on OE/SB-192 Asitzkopf. It was snowing heavily all day long but we wanted to do and try SOTA in Winter. The temperatures where about -11°C and with wind even colder. We managed to set up the Glas-Fiber Mast at about 6m height and used my W3DZZ on 40m and the FT-817 with 5W from Tom. Thanks a lot to Franz OE2SNL who is always with us via RF - contacted him on 2m with my VX-7 and managed to make a QSO on 7,145 MHz. After that he spotted us on the sota-cluster and from that time on it was amazing - with only 5W it was really really great working stations from all around PA3GGB, F4CTJ, IK1GPG, DL0IL, HB9BIN to mention only a few. We wanted to make a break to eat something or drink tea but the “PileUp” was so heavy that for 1h we just made one QSO after the other it was really amazing. This is why SOTA makes fun. Because if we where just a /P Station from OE? Who would even tune to the frequency? Probably nobody - but with SOTA :slight_smile: JUST GREAT!

Yeah so this was it working until our fingers where nearly frozen and the whole body felt cold. But all the nice QSO’s paid for sure for this little pain. So now we also know for what the 3 extra Bonus points for Winter-Activation are. :slight_smile: For getting a snowman soon while talking hihi

If you like you can see pictures of this (and all our other) activation on our hompeage:


or directly to the gallery:

So this was what I wanted to tell :slight_smile: Thank you again to all Station’s which we have worked today. Hope to hear you all soon again from another summit.

Wolfgang OE2WNL & Tom OE2ATN

In reply to OE2WNL:
Hello Wolfgang and Tom!

Gratulation to your first SOTA-activation in winter. Your snow-hole is very great, but I can do that, because we haven’t much snow here. (maximum 50cm yet)

73 et gd dx de
Christian OE5HCE

In reply to OE5HCE:
Hi Chris!
Nice to here you again - after Fieldday on Kitzsteinhorn (ahh remember Contesting? :slight_smile: ). Sota in Winter is nice but cold :wink: But you already know hihi.
Snow-hole is just possible because on the other side of the summit there is no snow because of the wind. There was snow everywhere, even on our paperlog :wink:

Greetings and 73