France Association : F4EGG First ever SSB Mountain Goat!

I have to admit I envy the skills of those activating summits via CW. It is such an elegant and efficient way to communicate. It allows for lighter equipment and is also the most efficient mode propagation-wise. When you combine this with automatic spots via RBN then it is no surprise that the top SOTA activators (at least in France) are all highly skilled CW operators.

So, it is with great pleasure that I can share that Thierry, F4EGG has reached the Mountain Goat milestone in SSB. He had reached it earlier combining various other modes but he just reached it in SSB. When looking at the league tables it seems like it will be a little while until the next SSB mountain goat comes along in the F association.

Thierry loves natures, mountains, photography along with the local flora and fauna. When I go hiking with him, he always hops around cliff tops looking for chamois, mouflons or bouquetins. He also always knows where to find to find that rare spot full of genepi! :grin: SOTA is for Thierry, like so many of us, the perfect activity allowing him to combine his love of radio with his other passions.

It is therefore quite fitting that on his last outing he was greeted by a very special friend:

Well done Thierry!


Congrats Thierry!
73 from southern F/AM land.


You are the one French activator, that when spotted, I can always hear (others are either too weak or too close for skip distance) - really appreciate all the contacts.

Great to see someone getting to mountain goat the “hard way” - just based on your SSB points.

73 Ed DD5LP.

Congratulations Thierry on achieving Mountain Goat on SSB.

Jimmy M0HGY

Well done Thierry,congratulations on the ssb achievement. 73 Don G0RQL.

Thanks Arnaud,
For this message soon, Friendships
Thierry F4EGG

Thank you, Friendships

Thank you, Friendships

Thank you, Friendships

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Hi Don,
Thank you, Friendships

Thanks to all
Pictures of my SOTA
F4EGG SOTA Pictures
See you soon from my future summits!

Thierry F4EGG

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Well done Thierry, excellent and thank you for summits :sunglasses:
Best wishes.


Major accomplishment…


I say: BRAVO !

Hello Thierry

Bravo pour cet exploit !
A bientĂ´t dans le 05
73 Alain F6ENO

Congratulations, this is a wonderful achievement!
Keith KR7RK

Congrats Thierry for MG, well done !!!