FR818 ground bolt....Arghhhh!

Any suggestions on loosening ground bolt (Phillips head)? I am installing the SOTA beams power pole receptor and am on the verge of ruining the bolt head. I have a 4.5A Bioenno Battery ready to be used but, wow that bolt is tight.

With Phillips, if instead of trying to loosen you first slightly tighten even more this often breaks the “stick”


A small touch of carborundum paste (valve grinding compound) on the screw-driver tip will improve its grip on the screw enormously, and help prevent burring the screw-head.

A small drop of WD40 or similar on the screw & leave to soak might help. Yhe screw on mine was tight but unscrewed eventually. Good luck!

It may be the JIS type of crosshead rather than Phillips or pozidrive, often found on Japanese products, if so your driver may be the problem. There is a workaround to grind the tip off a Phillips head to get a better fit.

good luck!


Thanks for suggestions! I asked one of the mechanics from the company I fly for to help out. He put 200# of weight into it and finally broke it! I installed power pole adapter and plugged Bioenno 4.5A battery in showing 13.6V. Awesome looking forward to getting on HF bands this evening in hotel!