Four in North Wales

Activation report of four summits on Saturday and Sunday:

  • GW/NW-043 Cyrn-y-Brain
  • GW/NW-043 Moel y Gamelin
  • GW/NW-048 Mynydd Nodol
  • GW/NW-045 Moel-ddu

I ran into a bunch of problems and the weather became horrible. The report is here on my blog. We haven’t done a video yet but hopefully it will follow.

Thanks everybody.



Nice update. I was nearly blown away on Moel-ddu. Broke my antenna too. Then, just to cap it off I only got one contact…

I have a different route to the top. Start from the parking spot by the dam, but after crossing it I went straight up to meet the track at SH 566 436. Follow this east for a short way and go through the gate. Then turn NE and follow the walls (with gates) to around SH 572 440. Then an indistinct traverse path leads across to the summit. Nice and short.

Moel-ddu - never again :expressionless:

Equally as frustrating here, especially if you go up from the fishing car parking spot ! tough climb.

I was going to try your way but on the day couldn’t get the GPX downloaded.

The route I’d like to try is to be dropped off at the Gorllwynuchaf access road, head north to Moel-ddu, then north above the quarry to Moel Hebog and down to Beddgelert.

I’m growing fond of it. It’s probably quite poor for VHF generally. But with the twin summits and hanging valley it’s a nice spot for HF. I have spent quite a few days looking up at that odd band of green from the valley below (we seemed to be forever changing sets of points on the railway at Hafod-y-Llyn)

I’ve got to come back again for a better look at the quarry and the Ynys Pandy slate mill. I think it will be a few years before I’m satisfied.

My phone was protected in a waterproof case, but sadly the weather has done for my (old) camera :cry:

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Is the rucksack by a rock or a sleeping Leopard?

You never know in Wales, could be anything. Never found one of those red dragons though, very elusive. :smile:


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Ok, we’ve finished playing with pictures and music. Helen has excelled with the composition (in my humble opinion!) - can anybody spot the cleverness with the theme? - completely unprompted!

First is the video version, taking in all four activations:

[Edit: Oh dear. I messed up the soundtrack syncing somehow. Will fix this later.]
[Edit 2: Now replaced with the good version]

I should note that the activation in progress during my GW/NW-043 video wasn’t mine (a DL I think?) - I hadn’t walked away from the key abandoning the chasers!

Helen has also done a shorter slide show to go with her piece (ending with about the last picture from my old camera before the rain killed it!).

Blog link

73, Simon & Helen