Four Hill G/WB bonanza - great hills broken sky

Yesterday headed over to Worcestershire Beacon with intention of activating that plus Seager hill and if time permitted Aconbury Hill as well. As it transpired, I was able to do all three hills and had time to activate Garway Hill as well. Thoroughly enjoyed the hills and the walking but the sky was well broken yesterday. Called till I was blue in the face on SSB 60m and 40m with absolutely no replies. Had to activate all 4 hills on CW then it was a struggle to get the QSO’s coming.

Full Blog to follow

73 Glyn

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The K index was 6! I did manage a couple of chases from home but it was hard work.

I have just tuned the length of 40m at home and all I can hear is the tumble weed rolling done the street! Even my wsjt software is coming up with nothing - so it must be bad