Former yahoo groups now on

As most will already know, yahoo groups has ceased allowing user content to be placed on the server, and has retreated to being simply a mailing list system. Unless retrieved by someone in time, the photos, files, and message history of those groups was discarded by the new owners of Yahoo.

I’ve been a member of numerous yahoo groups in the past and some of those were dedicated to equipment models. Some groups have moved completely to but others have stayed on yahoo groups.

Groups I know of that are radio specific and are now on include the FT817 (incl 818), TR751/851, IC703. All content, including tech details, bug fixes and so on from the old groups was moved in one way or other to I personally transferred the messages, photos and files for several groups. I’m still waiting for a response from the moderator/owner of the IC706 group as to whether they want to use the backup I saved of the old group content.

Another group of interest to some SOTA ops is AT-Sprint which is the earlier group focussed on the unique portable equipment designs of Steve KD1JV.

So my purpose in this post is to alert those who were members of those yahoo groups to the fact that the transfer has been done, your info may not be lost, you can still search for the hints and kinks previously published. It seems to me a shame to see community information lost, hence getting involved in the transfers for some groups.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH


Good work. Thanks.

Hi Andrew, thanks for the update to the group and great work in copying the many files you found. A great effort on your part. Well done.

73 de Geoff vk3sq


Thanks for your kind words. In fact the majority of the work was done by software but some of the photos needed cropping and size reduction, partly to save space but also to make the photo more relevant. Folder structures were subject to limitations on the new platform.

One of the software products used had only recently been completed and tested by the developer so my use was only just past the beta testing phase. I had to download several versions before I got one that worked on my Dell. And I had to remove a Dell utility due to encountering DLL clashes.

There was a fee payable for the software so that increased the incentive to make it all work!

All in all, a project I considered worth while and the challenges encountered made it more satisfying when they had been overcome. A bit like climbing a difficult hill and then activating it successfully. :slight_smile:

But - my main purpose in the project was preserving the valuable experiences of radio owners, who had gone to the trouble of posting solutions to problems they and others had encountered. Some groups were rather noisy, but the useful content made it worth while.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH


Well done Andrew with all your ‘back-ups’ - appreciated. And hope you are successful with the above?



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I never received a reply from the IC706mkiig owner on yahoo groups and the two posts I sent to that group never were approved so never were distributed to members. I received rejection notices from yahoogroups this week.

So although I have created a new group IC706 on, and uploaded all the old content, it has not been possible to notify members of the old group on yahoogroups. The moderator has apparently left the building.

If anyone here is still a member of the old group, and would like to post a message to the old group notifying other remaining members about the new one, that would help them all.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

FYI, there’s an active North America SOTA group with 1127 members at - we moved long ago from Yahoo

73, Barry N1EU

Hi Barry,

Yes I am a subscriber there. Posted a few times when the trans-pacific S2S fests have been imminent.

Good idea to post it here though, a surprising number of new SOTA activators get all their info from the FB rumour mill. And not all the answers are based on the rules, unfortunately.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH