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Good morning all. :rage:

Had slight problem on band yesterday while trying to work Syliva on one of her Sota’s activation’s and feel must send my apologies to said lady. I had some idiot pop up on freq accusing myself not working with in my licence conditions of 10w transmitter power to the antenna and he did get up my goat. And did lose my rag a little but had to get a grasp as not my freq and challenged said party to ID themselves.

No ID came forth as I took care in using my call to Challenge him, just got more abuse.
So made sure exchange was completed to Sylvia and came off the freq to which was not easy due to the stupid party.

So an apology to OE5YYN/P I send for disrupting her freq of sota at said time. :blush:

But i will state i do run the stated power my Licence allows as an M3 UK station of the Mere 10w I do enjoy the challenge and take it further by making better antennas to get fuller use out of me 10w. And yes the Yaesu 450 AT can crank out 100w. But am happy with me mere 10w have done rather well with it and rather proud of that fact. and yes its a struggle at times and some times frustrating, but that is life always another day under possible better conditions or even better antenna. But the Yaesu does have far better ears than the Trio 120V that helps also. and also lucking in my location being quite high near the sea moors to the north and a open part of town i live in helps also. :sunglasses:

Right all done

thanks you all for time and attention

Karl M3FEH

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Hi Karl et al

FWIW The most effective way of dealing with LIDs and DQRM is to completely ignore them.

If they get no satisfaction from goading you, they will get bored go away. If on the other hand their activity is effective, they will happily continue to prod and poke you.

73 Marc G0AZS


No need to say that, Karl, we believe you. I know how strong you were with the Trio and you are the same signal strength with the Yaesu.

As Marc said, ignore the trolls, pretend their sick little games are not going on - every word they utter, every noise they make, spell out their failure as hams. They can’t hack it for themselves so they get their jollies trying to spoil things for those that are more successful. Sneer at them and carry on, your 12,660 points is a measure of how superior you are to these sickos!



Good morning Karl,

No need to appologise, things like this happen. I don’t think the exchange between you and some other ham caused much of a problem but more the tuning noises that may have been the consequence of that exchange. I just had to wait a couple of minutes and was able to continue. The sun was shining, it was nice and warm - no harm done!

Vy 73, Sylvia


Hello Karl,
Just trundle on and keep at it :sunglasses:
Scorchio here in Sussex! Too hot for being inside playing radio. Tea break time here.
Good luck.


Hi Karl
Do not concern yourself with any, silly comments you hear , personally, these people ( I am Being Polite) are not worthy of any comments from anyone, simply enjoy the hobby and do what you normally do.
If they feel your are a strong signal, then that is down to conditions & their lack of radio knowledge, simply ignore them and carry on.
One can only assume they are envious, enjoy your radio.
73’s Ken G0FEX

Thank you peoples.

Ignoring them stops the fuel they require for excitement. pity them because there missing out on a another challenge how can i improve my station get out better hear better with same power because I am limited and enjoy it. This have done so with me Home antenna,s and portable antennas again make’s it more enjoyable because of the challenge. Its a striving thing to strike forwards and not back wards into stupid mode.

thanks again all


Can we stop writing about this now?

Or let me put it this way, you are feeding the trolls by writing about it.