For Keith M1VHT

Hi Keith

No email received via Hotmail, please send to…

Thanks Keith


Hi Keith,

Thanks for a new unique with G/SB-007 on 2m SSB Today, and for my first VHF contact in IO95 too.

After hearing several others working you including Don G0RQL, Frank G3RMD (also in Cheltenham) your signal vanished in QSB for several minutes, however the persistence in listening on the frequency and no doubt you in calling paid off when you came up out of the noise long enough to complete the contact.


In reply to G0LGS:
Hi Stewart, glad we made the contact and for it to be a new summit and square for you
it’s making contact’s with people like yourself that give’s me a great deal of satisfaction and makes all the hard work worth while
best 73
Keith M1VHT

In reply to GW0DSP:
Hi Mike good to talk to you today,i will re-send the e mail and keep you informed of my summit activations
Keith M1VHT

In reply to M1VHT:

Thanks Keith and the pleasure was mine.

I look forward to your email and possible activations, I might even go up to GW/NW-062 with 50w and the SB5 and do it in style S2S, hi.