Foot and Mouth Disease

Current news broadcasts indicate that the strain of F & M near Farnborough (Hants) probably comes from a research/manufacturing complex in that area. Nevertheless, the farming community throughout the country must be very concerned. Are we therefore justified in continuing our activities, especially in the remoter areas, at the risk of exacerbating the feelings of the local communities. Should we, perhaps, stay out of the very remote areas, for the time being limiting ourselves to activating the more popular summits? I’d welcome opinions on this, especially from those with close ties to the farming community.

Best regards, Dave, M0DFA

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Hi Dave, This cost me a lot of money in 2001, Being a lorry driver (my company) where contracted to the F&M, missed loads of money, could not move any of my horses ,So lost money that way aswell. My cousin lost a lot more than me as he is a sheep/farmer, We hope it dosn’t get to that stage again, But just for health and safety, I will be absent from activating for a short while,
Steve m0sgb

g7adf made a point on this subject on thursdays night…

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Currently local radio etc is stressing that here in LD everything is open for business as usual.
Not sure how individual farmers are taking this. (Many have gone into b/b since the last outbreak so it’s a bit of a double edged sword) Most of the local shows have been cancelled because of movement restrictions.
The over riding message seems to be "Please keep coming but be sensible"

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Being involved closely with 7 farms here in the North West, I am vermin control officer, I can tell you that there is no panic at the moment, just nervous aprehension. The email I received yesterday stated “The F&M outbreak in the South is a contained issue and until We (DEFRA) release news to the contrary you may continue your activities as normal in your area”

I have received another email this morning stating that the second infection case is within the 3km infection zone of the first and as such does not represent a mass infection scenario at present, and I am able to continue as normal until requested otherwise.

It is a very nervous time for farmers and no one wants to see a repeat of 2001, but there is a possibility it may happen. The vaccine is already available to be deployed nationwide, something which didnt happen last time, so if DEFRA feel that this may reach epidemic proportions then the vaccine will be deployed to try and prevent a repeat of 2001.
Thats the most up to date info I have, but in reply to the original thread subject, I personally feel that up here in the North we are still ok to enjoy the countryside, but with proviso that should a farmer ask you to leave the land then do so. Pretty simple I think.

Then we just wait to see what develops.


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My government is stressing that, up here, the countryside is still open for business and people should not stay away. In fact they are talking about relaxing the restrictions on moving livestock over the next few days.

I’ve always felt that the press and TV are a bigger cause for concern as they flock to the sites of any outbreak and then travel back to their HQs and then back to some other part of the country so are more likely to spread stuff than some average Joe out for a walk. But that’s the cynic in me!


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We’ve had an interesting issue over here - a local Wildlife Park is asking people from Surrey not to come to visit until it is sorted. Maybe this is just another knee jerk reaction and one not particularly well thought through. However, it does show the sensitivity of the situation and we need to bear this in mind as and when we undertake activations. Maybe choosing summits that don’t require access via grazing land would be a good idea.

73, Gerald

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Just been passed this web site

In reply to M0DFA:
Please be advised that there are currently severe restrictions on the Isle of Man with regard to ‘Public Ramblage’ and this means that access to the Islands SOTA activation locations is not at the moment possible.
The IOM is free of foot and mouth disease but precautionary restrictions are in place; gives further information.
I will update this information once SOTA activity becomes possible.
If you need to make direct contact with the Islands Radio Society, please email , we check this email each day.

John GD0NFN - IOM SOTA Manager