Fogstar Batteries 20% discount day

I don’t have a laptop nor am I able to Womble for discarded cells. I’ve always bought my batteries from these guys, particularly 18650 cells used for making up 3S batteries for my KX2.

Anyway, they are having a discount event today using the code: MARCH8


Never heard of them before Fraser but thanks for posting about them.

Make friends with the tech guy in your local harvey norman. I have more 18650’s than I could ever use.

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Google tells me that’s in Australia!

I think they started off supplying the vape market but seem to have realised the greater potential of selling Li-ions and LiFePO4’s everywhere.

It’s useful to know.

After talks to one of our IT guys I now know we have no laptops in the company that use classic 18650 celled battery packs. Every single laptop has a non-user removal built-in battery now so one of my sources of 18650 packs has gone. Likewise dogging vape batteries has become very rare. We should see the end of them in GM by mid 2025 and I seldom see them now. Apart from this week when I found 2 but they were the first for a few months. I used to find several a week.


Many thanks Fraser @MM0EFI

I’ve just ordered their doorbell set of 18650s + charger. A good price with your code :ok_hand:

73, Simon