FM Frequency - 2 Activators

I was planning on doing my first activation this weekend. I noticed that another activation was planned for a nearby peak. I thought it may be good to activate at the same time. We could get Summit to Summit points and maybe draw attention to each other.

That said, I only have the means to transmit and receive 2m FM (albeit 35 watts with a five element yagi). He will be working 40m, 20m, and 2m FM. From a frequency perspective, would it be best to be on the same frequency as he (146.52) or move to another nearby simplex frequency like 146.54?

In order to make a S2S contact, Iā€™d strongly suggest being on the same frequency as each other.


Generally, when such conflicts exist, if someone has made their four contacts, they will defer to the person who does not have four contacts. In some cases, we each share contacts (especially if we know each other). I once activated and had a short period of time to do it (less than ten minutes). Somebody I was mentoring, unbeknownst to me, was activating a nearby summit at the same time. Once we did our S2S, i acted as net control, and we each got our 4+ contacts in under ten minutes. Once there was two other activations going on at the same time and I had interference locally on .520, so I simply moved over HF and let the other two activators work on .520 given that the local interference I had was not heard by them.

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