Flying with your radio

Oh dear… just like the issue with the German ham on SV9 a few years ago.

OK it’s the Daily Hate which lies so much even Wikipedia doesn’t allow it as a veracity check. Hopefully, I wont have this issue flying to Friedrichshafen with an 817 in a week or so.

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I doubt they’re “spies” but there’s definitely something not quite right about those radios…

(Unless it’s just a stock image the newspaper found somewhere and is not related to the actual story at all. Don’t you just love journalists)

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Same image in California last year!

It’s not the real story Somebody needed these guys to be arrested for spying or it didn’t happen.

The radios are fine but it’s from an ad. They are not your standard amateur Kenwood HH but a digital professional services series.

Also anyone engaged in any electronic warfare would not be putting it in the public domain.



Nor would a spy have a secret transmitter in his suitcase for customs to find just in with his socks and underwear. Maybe the Kenwood HT was sown into a secret compartment along with an exploding pen and fifty gold sovereigns.


I have flown with my equipment from India to Singapore to New Zealand to Europe to Peru. Not once did I have an issue. Just made sure I understood the local requirements and always had my license and local rules taped to my radios.

You cant think that YOUR local rules are the same elsewhere. And it is always best to contact some locals to get the lowdown. It helps to have local contacts as well.

Kent K9EZ


From the article, a description of our hobby:

“which could perhaps be considered a harmless hobby.”

That’s what they want you to think Ron. :wink: