Flikr join the greed bandwagon

It seems flikr want $48 off me to enable me to keep uploading pics unless I delete one of my photostream for every one I upload. Well my money is staying firmly in my pocket & they can whistle. Any other similar facilities out there that are free?

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Set up an account at MyOpera, then you can use their photo albums for free - The Opera Blog - News | Opera
You can see my (not very amateur radio related) albums at The Opera Blog - News | Opera

73 Dave G3YMC

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That seems strange. I have a free Flickr account and it shows the last 200 uploads. Earlier uploads are still there but you can’t see them till you delete new images or pay money. But I get the last 200 shown for free.

Of course if someone sets up a pool like SOTA then images you post to that stay visible for ever. That means of the 600+ images I have posted to Flickr, many are still visible in the SOTA pool but not visible from the MM0FMF page. All for no cost.

When I log in I get the following (just tried it)

"You’ve run into one of the limits of a free account. Your free account will only display the most recent 200 things you’ve uploaded. Anything beyond 200 will remain hidden from view until you either delete newer items, or upgrade to a Pro account. Nothing has been deleted, and if you upgrade, they’ll all come back unharmed. "

That still seems a bargain. I get somewhere to show the last 200 photos for nothing and anything posted to a shared pool stays visible forever. Win-win situation I think.

Andy, MM0FMF

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Same message here Andy, just can`t be bothered to spend time deciding which of my photostream to delete to enable me to upload to the group. - possible net result is no more uploads to the group.

I wonder if you can fool them by registering a different account for another 200 pics. Anyway, at the end of the day they aint getting 48 bucks off me.

ps - thanks for the reply Dave, will look into it.

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I have been facing similar situation some time ago. The simplest way around is to set up another account with Yahoo. Then you can start loading another 200 pics batch to Flickr and still have the first batch accessible any time. Now, I am already loading the third batch. You may check my call at qrz.com to see the adressess of all three of them. Wellcome to visit to see my 600 SOTA pictures.

73 Ruda OK2QA

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Just keep uploading Steve, you don’t have to delete anything. Flickr is a bit dumb how it hides the photos. Only the 1st 200 appear in the photo browser but the others are still there. So if you note the URL for each photo you can still view them.

Go to your oldest photo in the browser and note the URL. Add 1 new picture and that last photo will no longer appear when you browse all your photos. Type in the URL you saved and zap, there it is. If you create a shared group then you can copy photos into that and they will always stay visible.


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How bizarre! I recall that I pay around £18 a year for a Pro account (it’s a long time since January) and I can get at all of my 686 photos without an issue. I just wonder whether the $48 is the new annual charge for a Pro account. Sneeky, whatever their intentions are.


EDIT - just checked. It seems the charge for a 2 year Pro account is $47.99.
Here’s what you get for that money…

* Unlimited uploads and storage
* Unlimited sets and collections
* Access to your original files
* Stats on your account
* Ad-free browsing and sharing
* HD playback for high-definition video uploads
* Super cool (free) photo book*

I upgraded so I could upload files without a limit… obviously I was activating too many summits!

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Thats for 2 years Gerald, a snip at only $2 a month.

Think Ill look into Ruda & Andys suggestions.

I`m not tight - I just like the ambience in Wetherspoons!

ps - snap! (post above)

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I`m not tight - I just like the ambience in Wetherspoons!

So do I, but the real ale was poor in the one in Richmond. Longing for another stay at Cockermouth Travelodge and a trip down to the Bitter End pub. Maybe some time yet… :frowning:

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There are actually loads of free ones out there but they all seem to do the same in the end. I had pictures on four sites but decided in the end it was easier to get a pro account with Flickr.

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Simple answer, do not upload any photo,s


No more problem (including sitting in Weatherspoons…!!! )

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Hi Steve,

about 2 or 3 years ago I get an E-mail from them (Flickr)
because I’ve reached 150 uploads.
They wanted an annual fee of 25 Euro (I think) if I would have
more than the 150 photos. After that I simply deleted the
older ones and since than I try to stay under 150 uploads. hi

Vy73 Fritz DL4FDM,HB9CSA

Well you certainly don’t need to pay Flickr any money at all to be able to keep using it beyond the 200 photos of the free limit.

The way Flickr limits freetards like me is by limiting the user’s view of their photos to the last 200. However, as the blurb says, all the photos are still there. This can be shown by the fact that photos I copied into the SOTA and Summits On The Air groups are still visible in those groups but no longer visible on my own Flickr home page.

It gets better. I have tagged all my photos with my callsign from the start. In my case I can still access all the photos I have uploaded (667) by going to the Search page, placing my callsign in the seach box, selecting “tags only” and “everyones uploads”. The resulting display can be sorted by time if you select “recent” or by some undefined criteria “interesting”. Selecting recent gives a rough approximation to the date order photos were taken but get’s it slightly squiffy in a few places. Interesting is well… interesting. It puts the perfectly composed photo that Mrs. FMF took of me sitting in the snow on Tinto at number 1. That photo has won a prize in a photo competition so Flickr is correct there. I don’t understand the way it works for the other photos but the one of Brian holding a spent 4in shell is interesting too. (We made sure it wasn’t live by giving it a good kick first!)

No need to pay nor worry about finding your photos. My advice… keep uploading!

Andy, MM0FMF
(Just north of Moscow)

My home broadband is with BT Broadband. As part of the deal I get a “free” flickr pro account for as long as I keep the broadband.

Also get McAfee x 7 “free” as well

Surprised how many BT Broadband people haven’t spotted the perks with the a/c

73 Mark, M0DEV