Flight deck for KX3

Inspired by the work of Richard G3CWI from SOTABEAMS and his flight decks for some QRP transceivers, I’ve decided to build a matching one for my ELECRAFT KX3.

Please check for details on my website.

Any comments welcome!


Dietmar, DL2SBA


Well done Dietmar!
This seems to be a good basis for gradually supplements and optimizations.

I started with something similar some years ago and improved it in countless steps to make it more ergonomic and especially rucksack and outdoor friendlier (e.g. to withstand strong winds and high solar radiation).
In warm weather the LiPo is clicked to the bottom side of the deck while in cold weather it is taken in a clothing pocket.

Hello Heinz

thanks for your kind comments!

I’m storing my K3 in a SIGG alu box during traveling and then screw it on the clipboard during operation.
How did you fix your KX3 - velcro strips?

Currently my LiFePo accu is packed in a padded foil - this might be the next task … but first I will activate the next summit.

The new clipboard and the 10m DX-Wire mini mast are waiting for their premiere :slight_smile:

Have a nice weekend ahead Heinz

Dietmar, DL2SBA

Exactly, 3M Dual Lock strips e.g. from Distrelec or Supermarket Coop (slightly cheaper)

Hello all,
the following pictures show my KX3 platform, for your interest:

This shows platform with protective cover, as it comes out of lightweight bag from backpack.

This platform includes everything but the antenna and feed line. Note in lower left, a charge port and switch. This switches the internal 3/4"-high, 6 AH battery to either the rig or the charge port. The rig itself can not be connected to any possibly incorrect voltage. The LiFe battery takes up less than a third of the volume inside the “desk”. At upper right, there is a notch for the pens, so that they don’t get “shoved” when traveling inside the backpack. Besides the pend, a plastic bag with the earbuds are stored. Near top center, notice the retractable Palm paddle. It has a short custom cable with right angle plug. (power connector is also a right angle plug. To the side of the paddle is a Casio watch, with wristband removed, and Velcro’ed in place. Metal guard outboard of watch is to keep backpack pressures from pushing the watch’s side-buttons.

Platform in use on Green Mountain Summit, L-R K6HPX, KE7BGM

Best 73,


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I see, I see my flight deck has still a long way to go …

Any more constructions out in the wild?



I am very pleased that you have it now also managed to change seats with your xyl.
Well done!
Congratulations to KE7BGM for 9 activations in cw until now!
73 cu

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Thanks, Heinz, for kind words, and thanks Dietmar, for posing this thread about Flight Decks.
No doubt many good ideas based on field experience will come out of the woodwork as time goes by.

All best, Ken and Kay, Tucson, Arizona