Flagstaff Area and I-40 Summits

I’m heading to Flagstaff, AZ (W7A) on Friday. My hope is to fit in several activations over the weekend, especially ten pointers between other commitments. (I’m 48 points shy of MG)
Any recommendations/advice? I drive a 2006 Toyota Camry so my off-road capabilities are limited.

Beacon Hill CS-038, Bill Williams Mtn AE-018, Forty Nine Hill CS-023, Spitz Hill CS-032, Wing Mountain CS-008, look like good possibilities. Your opinions/recent experiences?
Is there snow to contend with? Are gated roads open?

With the flux up to 180 I hope to put some DX callsigns in my log.
I’ll be using my usual setup, 5 watts and various wire antennas.

Thanks and 73, David N6AN


Don’t forget Summit Mtn., just south of Bill Williams.

Thanks, Ken. I fit Summit and Bill Williams in this afternoon after a non-stop six hour drive from Pasadena.
It was an exciting day. There was a sand storm east of Kingman, lots of trucks to dodge on I 40 and the wind on both peaks was intense.

73, David N6AN


Contact NJ7V Charlie, or see his YT channel. He’s been active out there, did a 3x 10pts on the same day I believe.

I have to echo the recommendation of contacting Charlie or others from W7A.
I was in that area in early April and found that it was easy activating 2 x 10 pointers per day and being back to the campground by 1:00 pm each day.
Summit Mtn and Davenport Hill can be done in 1 day.
Beacon, Splitz and Fortynine Hills if it is a longer day as well.


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Thank you, Matt and Malen.

Charlie’s YouTube videos have been very helpful.
I fit in another summit early before the memorial service today. My brother and I climbed Wing Mountain and had a lovely time under breezy blue skies.
MG points now equal 982.

73, David N6AN

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hi Dave,
Been chasing, but the condx have been pretty dicey the last few
days. Arizona is usually pretty much a slam dunk but not the last
few days! Hope it’s better from your end!
John K6YK

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