FL/VO Tour from 24/6 till 29/6.

Yes we can go. I’m planning to go to La Bresse for 5 nights. My rough plan is to activate:
On my way to La Bresse LX/LX-001 which is also LXFF-0002.
Then the first day 25/6:
FL/VO-088 FL/VO-030 FL/VO-009

Second day 26/6:
FL/VO-011 FL/VO-173 FL/VO-002 FL/VO-015

Third day 27/6:
FL/VO-010 FL/VO-177 maybe FL/VO-168 FL/VO-006

Fourth day 28/6:
FL/VO-012 FL/VO-176 FL/VO-177

On the way back home 29/6:
FL/VO-023 FL/VO-090 FL/VO-092

Of course everything depends on traffic, weather and other general conditions. So this planning can change.
I will use KX3, home-made EFHW 40/30/20, with 10 meter mast and only CW.
Hope to work you.

73 - Tonnie - PA9CW


. . . 005 is 2 times on your list! :wink:

73, DIZ

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Oh I see. I will make a new plan.

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Hi Tonnie.

When I read about La Bresse, I remembered the Muddy Run (A trail run with obstacles and some strange people taking part - including me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). I have taken part in it twice. A beautiful area.

Wish you much success and fun with the activations. Maybe we will hear us in a qso :+1:

73 Marcel DM3FAM

That’s an impressive list. You must be fit! :slight_smile: I hope you have good weather. I might be on G/DC-001 on 27/6 and will look for your spot. QRS please as I’m a CW beginner. :slight_smile:

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Hey Tonnie

I was also at the campsite in La Bresse for 7 days in my early SOTA days (sept/oct 2018) and activated 20 summits in that time. … and since then I have been active there for days at a time.
It would be nice to reach these summits as a chaser now. Then I will keep an eye on your alerts and hope to get some complets.

I hope the weather is good and you have a nice time.

73 Armin

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Lovely job Tonnie… back home now as G4OBK for two weeks, Tennamast already extended to full height in rediness, so I will hear you and see you in my log again! Always a pleasure… TNX for the heads up!

73 Phil

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Yes…. 4 summits a day …Sota is not just gaining points … can you really appreciate the climbing and the nice moments of this beautyfull mountains ???
I do hope….

Hallo Jean Claude

I don’t live far from the Vosges and have already done a few hikes here… Long before I came back to amateur radio through SOTA. I had hiked many summits without a radio.

But especially through SOTA I have seen beautiful places that I might never have come to otherwise. Also in the Vosges.

Especially when the landscape and the trail are beautiful, the activation sometimes is a minor matter.

73 Armin

Have a good time Tonnie. We may meet there during weekend.

73, Hans PB2T

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Thanks. I will look out for you.

73 - PA9CW - Tonnie

Ido hope s2s on the 25th June.
I will be on SOTA too.
73 Roger

Hi Roger,

Thanks for qso today. I will try tomorrow for S2S.

Today I activated LX/LX-001, also LXFF-0002.
It was a vy good activation. I made 65 QSO’s in about one hour. Best DX was KD1CT.
17 mtrs : 7 qso’s
30 mtrs : 32 qso’s
40 mtrs : 26 qso’s
Tnx all chasers.

73 Tonnie - PA9CW.


Tonnie, I plan to be on G/DC-008 on 26/06 at about 09:00 to 10:00 UTC. If you don’t mind a slow CW QSO I will be listening for you.


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No problem. I will QRS if we “find” each other on the air.

GL es hope to cu. 73 Tonnie - PA9CW

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Hello Tonnie

If it would be possible for you… it would be great if you could write in the alert when you are planning which summit.

73 Armin

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Today I activated three summits.
Total QSO’s 112. Amazing what a lot of chasers today. That’s the reason I only activated three summits.
Also some S2S. Worked 40/30/20/17 meters.

Thanks all chasers.

Cu tomorrow.


Thanks TONNIE for 2 x s2s from F/AM-347.
A réal pleasure

73 QRO


Thanks Roger. A big pile-up, but we made the S2S.
Goodluck. I’m now on my way to the next summit.

73 - Tonnie - PA9CW