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FL/VO SOTA Trip 2018 video


Hi Peter & Franz

Thanks for sharing the video of your trip to FL/VO - FB! I like the little tent. Keep up the good work,


Nice… I’ll be there in 7 days!

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Brilliant! I recognise a few of those summits from last summer. A lovely area for walking and SOTA.

Nice work Peter and Franz !
I’ll be there in 7 days too Andy … hope to meet you somewhere … or should I better avoid you so as not to make interference ? HI
Still have to select my summits, so all is possible.

Dear sota friend,
If you planned to come, please take with you you radio licence card.
Last time, i have met the mountain police.
I took the time to explain our hobby, and for sur, when you show an official licence, they understand.

Some summits are crowded during the day, please, respect the rules, and use your headphone.
If we want to play for a while, we must respect environment.

I stay at your disposal for further information.
73 F5HTR

Thanks Bob. I always carry my passport and licence and CEPT rules with me when operating outside of the UK. The first few pages of my license are in French, German and English which helps no end :wink:

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@G4OOE I bought the green shelter at Decathlon https://www.decathlon.be/nl/p/schuiltentje-2-seconds-0-xl-upf-30-groen/_/R-p-3730?mc=8242946&c=GROEN (sorry in Dutch). Only 29.99 Euro, the weight is 1.4 kg and no Decathlon is not paying me for this publicity :wink:

Thanks for the tent info Peter - much appreciated.

I always do carry my license etc …
But is it still required in France to have a specific proof that you have passed a CW exam ?
I do have such a seperate CW certificate in French, but maybe others are not aware of this rule.
I always carry the SOTA Leaflet in French too, to show to interested people (police or not , hi)

Hi Luc,
No it does not matter CW or other. But just an kind of an officiel paper from administration.
Last time, They even did not ask me. I shown them at purpus because for sur they will meet other Ham in the future. So they know now.
Take care, so places are protected, or military zone.
best 73
Robert F5HTR

Hi there, Peter and Franz

We have not met locally, although being there nearly the same days, except for one S2S QSO - maybe next time (or soon in Friedrichshafen). We’d been quite busy avoiding the frequent rain zones instead and been successful, with only one exception on the way back from Königstuhl to the parking lot.

Unfortunately, you have not shown in your video what you have bought at CDHV confiserie, hi.

My partner and I had our base in Kientzheim, and the historical village, the nice hotel and their food as well as the products of their family wineyard had been excellent.

Summary from our perspective: nice region with living culture and history, worth coming back later.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

PS: Special thanks to regional manager Bob, F5HTR, for his useful info and kind advice.


Bob, do you know if there is a version of CEPT T/R 61-01 available in French? Mine is in English.

Hi Markus,

Avoiding the rain was indeed a constant in this SOTA trip. A visit to CDHV seems to become a tradition when we are in this region. I had an order from home to buy the https://www.cdhv.fr/fr/article-43-Eucalyptus+EXTRA+FORT+en+plaques+cassées.php
Thank you for the S2S and sorry for the Java exception :wink:

73, Peter

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What a splendid place this is. Two easy summits and now it’s 20c plus at 1940cest. Wx is BONA, as is the beer.

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Nice one Andy!
But I got to trump you as I have the XYL Judy here also that allows a limited number of activations to fit around sightseeing and looking around shops!

The DM/BW Region is great for SOTA!
See you Friday…

73 Phil


Ah nothing beats bringing your own bonus beauty points. Gordon Bennet the mountains are grand here. And the grub’s not bad either. Must be fantastic when it snows.

Far too good for France, the whole region, mountains, weather, people, beer and food needs to be repositioned 10 mins frm my house! :rofl:


Have you considered repositioning yourself into that whole region? :wink:

Not so daft… my French would improve quickly. Everyone I have met here seems to be delighted some English fool is having a go at speaking French but they soon move to English because they can’t cope with how I butcher their language!

Anyway a note about spots. Due to me beoing drunk on the fun of activating these lovely hills and being drunk on a week away from Mrs. FMF I have been less than careful with the spots.

My callsign in France is F/M0FMF/P and DL/M0FMF/P in Germany. For many reasons you may see me spotted as FL/M0FMF/P MM0FMF/P or DM/M0FMF/P. I should try and fix the spotter so it understands CEPT but in the meantime, correct your logs. If I was on an FL summit I was F/M0FMF/P… as that was what I was trying to send.


Officer Crabtree eat your heart out :rofl: