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FK activations in November (+ ZL/VK in December)

I will be visiting New Caledonia (FK) in November, and am set on changing the fact that this association has so far only had one single activation! Equipment will be KX2, EFHW, and a JUMA PA100-D amplifier (perhaps not on every activation); both CW and SSB will be used on 40-15m, and everything else (date/time and summits to activate) will be decided on short notice. I will post alerts whenever possible.

There are 347 summits in FK and surrounding islands, so even if some of them are inaccessible, there will be more than enough to keep me occupied :wink:

After four weeks in FK, I will then spend another three weeks in ZL (also with some SOTA activations of course; itinerary still undecided), and finish with two weeks in/around VK3.

I’m looking forward to experiencing HF on the other side of the world (and certainly hope for some DX!).

vy 73,

Manuel HB9DQM


Hi Manuel,

Enjoy your trip. I wish you all the best.


Laurent de F8CZI

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Hi Manuel,

Look forward to working you on your trip. FK is easy to work from eastern VK and it will be good to see some activity from there. In ZL and VK3 you should be able to find some joint activators. HF on this side of the world is a lot quieter than in EU so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Please let me know if you are coming to VK2 at all.

Gerard - VK2IO

Look forward to workin you. If you are in ZL1/WK we might even catch up? Let me know if you are looking for summit advice in ZL. GL de ZL2AJ.

Thanks Gerard, it would be great to do a joint activation or two! I’ll update this thread once plans become more specific. The flight from ZL to VK has not been booked yet, so I’m trying to convince my non-ham companion that we need to fly to Sydney, then drive down to Melbourne (from where we’ll return to HB9 after the turn of the year), activating lots of summits on the way – including Mt. Kosciuszko if possible :smile:
vy 73, Manuel

Thanks for the offer on summit advice, Warren – I’ll gladly take you up on that once I know more. Would be great to catch up too! So far the only thing that’s fixed is the flight from Nouméa to Auckland on Nov 30. Will probably do more planning when I’m in FK :wink:
vy 73, Manuel

Excellent to see some activity in the FK association soon!

There may be an activation of FK/NP-020 within the next 2-3 weeks by local hams but it is not confirmed yet. If it happens I will post more on the forum so that chasers can try to make contacts with the rare (for now) FK association.
You’ll have a great time Manuel, I’ll try to chase you when your down there.
You will also have a great time besides radio activities as well for sure.


Merci pour l’information, Arnaud! I’m looking forward to our QSO(s), and I’m sure FK will be a great experience, even besides all the pristine SOTA summits :smile:
vy 73, Manuel

Hi Manuel,

The activation of FK/NP-020 has been confirmed and will actually happen this w/e. Michel, FK8IK, has input an alert. Maybe you can manage to work him before you visit!


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Update: I am now in Nouméa, and somewhat surprisingly still have all of my radio gear – even the LiFePOs! :smile:
Will now relax for a while and let the jet lag wear off, and then start with some easy summits in the vicinity. I will also try to find a suitable summit for EU DX, as propagation predictions estimate that the best conditions for that are between 10:00 and 14:00 UTC (= 21:00 to 01:00 local time, but sunset is before 19:00 here).

73 de FK/HB9DQM/P

FK/SP-063 as seen from Plage de Magenta


1300-1400Z actually shows a good chance of propagation on 20M between FK and east coast USA so please keep an ear out, especially on the weekends!

Barry N1EU

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Hey Man,
As you know, I’m all for activating new associations. But looking at this photo, I’m really jealous! Have a safe trip, stay healthy, and CU in 2018.

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It’s a complete outrage Paul isn’t it? :grin:

I don’t know, people travelling to distant lands with amazing views and then activating SOTA summits when there. Hang on, I’ll be in EA8/GC in a few days and I know of at least one more visitor to EA8/FU at the same time

Manuel, have a great time putting FK on the air, I hope you get some excellent propagation. Your destination makes mine look rather tame.

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Thanks all! I will try to activate FK/SP-101 tomorrow around UTC rollover, and expect to be QRV at about 23:00 UTC (Oct 31). 30/20/15m vertical EFHW and 100 W.

@N1EU I will keep an eye out for a summit that I can comfortably activate in the dark, and try to schedule a nighttime activation (10:00 – 14:00 UTC) on a weekend.

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You should find some EU stations appearing on long path after 5 PM local time. 18 MHz is worth checking. 20 m of course is the band of most likely QSOs. Later in the evening USA should appear on 40 m.


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Ooops, missed today’s activation. Will keep an ear out for the upcoming ones if I am at home.

Will let the friends in FK land know that you are there and also tell them to keep on the lookout for your activations. The earlier planned activation of FK/NP-020 2-3 weeks ago never took place in the end as the person in charge came down with a nasty virus just beforehand.

Good luck.

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I find the long path works better than the short path for EU these days.I’ve yet to find a prediction program that models the long path well, though. So 6-7 Z, 40 or 30 maybe. Of course, as I type this, 12 mtrs is open short path to EU 1.5 hours after sunset :wink: Good to work you today, Manuel.
John VK4TJ

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That was… interesting. The hike to Mont Oueghi (Wé Xi) FK/SP-101 is short (2 km, 450 m), but it was very hot (~ 30 °C) and humid even at 8:00 when I began the hike with my partner, and we were soon dripping with sweat. The first half of the way is on a narrow but well defined and not very steep path through the vegetation. Then it becomes steeper and rockier, and some light scrambling is necessary.

The pole marking the summit had a slight spider infestation…

…so another antenna pole support had to be found

I knew that the timing was not ideal for DX. John @ZL1BYZ was first in the log on 30m CW, followed by Gerard @VK2IO (thanks for the spots to you both!). After CQing for about 15 minutes on 30m with no further contacts, I switched to 20m CW and later SSB. A number of VKs and ZLs were easily worked with strong signals, as well as a station from Colorado, and two JAs. Unfortunately it then started raining and wouldn’t stop anymore, so when I was soaking wet and there were no more callers for a while, I decided to call it a day. The way down was quite delicate as the rocks had become very slippery.

All in all a well earned 2 points, and a first taste of what SOTA in FK can be like (both hiking and HF wise). It may be a couple of days before the next activation (need to do other things as well ;)).


Actually, if you had started immediately on 15M cw, you would have had a chance of working a bunch of USA via short path, perhaps even east coast USA.

Thanks for your efforts.

73, Barry N1EU

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I don’t know that you ever get used to the heat & the humidity, Manuel. I’m actually an escapee from VE6. After 17 years here, it still gets to me. Of course, 2 summers where we reached 50 C at my new qth 100 km inland from Brisbane don’t help!
John VK4TJ & VE6XT

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