Five year anniversary of R9U

To be honest, I was more pleased not with the anniversary of our association, but was happy with the good winter weather at the weekend. Good, frosty and sunny weather this winter was not enough for skiing.

Fortunately, our ability to climb mountains with the RA9WJV coincided with a short period of wonderful weather. When seen for many tens of kilometers, and sparkling ice on the branches of trees rings in the wind.
It was not necessary to choose a summit for a long time - R9U / SO-113 was already planned earlier and the route to it was calculated. Of course, this peak is not for a one-day winter trip. But, ideal for activation with an overnight stay on top, with a tent.

Without unnecessary haste, contemplating the beauty of nature, Marat and I went through a new, previously unseen route, activated a new summit, sat at a campfire with memories of past adventures.
The food was delicious, the equipment was warm, the radio naturally beautiful. Well, the fact that the backpacks were not very light, the smoke sometimes caused tears, and the wind broke the branches of trees and threw it onto the tent at night - this is nonsense, trifles and costs of our hobby.
We had a wonderful anniversary of our association. All two active Russian participants))

(RA9WJV happy on this picture.
I am also wearing glasses, but I look with concern at the map)


I have never seen such a clever and efficient camp fire setup. But makes a lot of sense with that much snow.

Looks like you both had a great anniversary expedition. Looking forward to more adventures from R9U

73 Joe


Hi Joe!
This setup is an old invention of Russian tourists-skiers. My father went skiing with it in the 60s. And in the summer such a thing is useful - it minimizes harm to nature.


Dear Vlad,
Thanks for the great report.
Congrats for the association anniversary and also for the activation.
I was delighted when I could finally chase you on 30m. Your signal was weak and I had problems to copy you because you were activating on a frequency (10.121) where I always have a not too strong permanent noise, which is enough to kill a weak signal.
If it’s possible for you, please, try to avoid 10.121 in your future activations.
Thank you.


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I am very glad to meet again, dear Guru. I will remember the problem 10.121. There is a free place on 30 m!


I was really looking forward to this moment. Marat made a film about the activation of this summit. Mountains, sun, sparkling snow - it was almost like yesterday …
Thank you friend!