Fishing blank support / tripod / ground screw/ pos

I have built a very light 10m beam, which sits happily on a 10m fishing pole at around 7m.

It is guyed directly underneath the antenna with a guy ring built into the antenna central support. The antenna is rotated by the fishing blank.

The base support is currently a ground screw. This is solid and allows the fishing blank to rotate, but its heavier than the antenna and fishing blank, so I am looking for something lighter.

Does anyone have any ideas ?. What do you use for supporting VHF beams ?.

Nigel. G6SFP.

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Hi Nigel

Last summer I managed to fashion a base for my 10m pole by using 3 long pegs at the corners of a “triangle” tight around the base of the pole with a light bungee around the top of them.

The pole could move around but the base stayed firmly planted in some strong winds… and I’m guessing 3 long straight pegs might be lighter than your ground screw.

73 Marc G0AZS

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This might sound odd, but I use a metal tripod base from a christmas tree to support the 9ele 2m beam for contesting (obviously with mast). The stand has the advantage of gripping the mast.


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A friend of mine uses a square 16 gauge ally plate with a capacitor clamp (for a can type electrolytic) mounted centrally. The plate is about 9 inches square and has holes near each corner so metal pegs can be used to secure it to the ground.

73, Gerald

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

I have found that 1 3/4" diameter aluminium tube fits inside the end of the fishing blank perfectly, so I am going to try building a small tripod with it.